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  1. 43 minutes ago, F360 said:

    so you requested for them to ship it.  , .A-E  will pack it and then you will see a new invoice for the shipping cost.

    Base on A-E listed weight , the estimate is

    EMS 9400 yen

    DHL (probably around 7500 yen ?)

    Surface(BOAT) 3450 yen


    thank you! you are very wise in the ways of obtaining the goodies! 🤖

  2. 1 hour ago, sqidd said:

    I smell something fishy.:p

    yeah not sure.  a few days ago my armor parts alone asked for 44k in additional shipping.  then last night the combo set turned up, i activated shipping and ae says it's packing now.  they might hit me up for more later.  no gouge surprises me anymore... 😅

  3. 41 minutes ago, spacemanoeuvres said:

    Same here. What is your shipping cost? I’m probably going to leave it for a week or two

    nice! looks like it's 33k to the west coast, usa.  post p.o. panic!

  4. 13 minutes ago, orindlt said:

    And it arrived - so maybe the comment about "changing management" is actually true? I still have a 1D on order there - I was going to file a paypal dispute for that based on these parts not arriving, but I guess now that they have delivered, I'll have to see how the 1D turns out (went for a second 1D with Okini - but haven't used them before). Wish I had the nerves for this hobby - plastic toys cause more stress than work!


    super funny!  and congrats!  

  5. On 5/6/2021 at 11:24 PM, orindlt said:

    I placed it 6 July 2020 (I think within a few minutes of it going up) so should have been in that initial round delivered in Jan as well. I also upgraded the shipping to the most expensive option in Dec because I'd noticed they were more likely to send out stuff with more expensive shipping (I got my missile sets that way) before sending out stuff that was using cheaper options. I got an apology note a few weeks ago about a change of management pasted below. 


    i'm in same exact situation as you.  would love to hear how things go for you, and good luck!

  6. 1 hour ago, jenius said:

    My tier 1 stores are: HLJ, Amiami, PlazaJapan, OkiniLand, HobbySearch, Anime Export, Amazon Japan, Big in Japan, and CDJapan. I've seen HLJ and Anime Export now cancel preorders that seemed successful, and Anime Export has poor customer service, but they're all legit operations and I'm not concerned with sending them my money.

    Tier 2 would be Nin-Nin Game, Kurama Toys, and I'm sure there are more I'm forgetting. It's not that I'm worried I'll be scammed by them, more worried that I'll buy something that they won't have in stock and it will be a hassle to get a refund or I'll buy an in demand item and on the day of release they'll tell me they didn't get enough stock and I can go pound sand. 

    Tier 3 at this point is pretty much just NY. It wouldn't surprise me tomorrow if their site vanished from the Internet since something has been going very wrong there for a while. 

    great way of putting them into buckets.  pretty much on point!  

  7. Just now, rocketblast said:

    yeah I just read on a bunch of sites that they don't ship anything.. so I guess I'll have to contact paypal then.. this valk preorder is impossible.

    my advise is be patient and not desperate.  much much more reputable shops that have (almost) always come through:

    >> mandarake: they'll list when the items come into stock, with a bit of the market price (but always very very reasonable) and mark up. but always dependable:
    https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/listPage/list?keyword=macross dx&lang=en

    >> hobby digi: still have yet to post their listing.  have had the s and d for for a long time.  i've only heard good things from them.  not personal experience:

    >> sugo: seems like a co-signment.  got the roy a month or 2 after, but consistently delivered to at least 3 folks i know:

    do as you must, but personally... i'd rather not perpetuate bad behavior...


  8. 52 minutes ago, drobo said:

    Nippon Yassan is up, but at 38480 Yen.

    Not sure if things have gotten better with Nippon Yassan, but BUY AT OWN RISK!!!





    def buy at your own risk.  until my super pack catastrophe, i've order a valk or 2 from them in the past.  always came through (tho with a good mark up), but now they're sitting on close to a 1g of my money.  with absolute radio silence...  and yet they still keep taking preorders with stock they cannot seem to promise...

  9. 4 hours ago, Alex GS said:

    I hope Okiniland is good, never order it from them and this is my first Tamashi Exclusive and paying upfront, let´s see how it goes.

    bought 3 roys and 2 supers from them.  they're super quick.  i love'em!  just ordered another amor set too


  10. 18 minutes ago, rocketblast said:

    yeah I haven't bought anything since that last order that they refunded, after seeing all the stories on here :\  I thought it was going to be the go-to place to buy this stuff from.  MyKombini banned me from their site after I sent a DX VF-1A back to them twice after finding out that it had the wrong leg armor part. So I pretty much have no choice but to avoid that site lol.

    i have ordered from mykombini.  they always seem to come through.  i like them, big in japan, anime export, okini land, hobby search, ami ami (but their site has been acting funky on all my browsers).  gonna avoid nin nin and ny like the plague.  just my thoughts  

  11. 1 hour ago, rocketblast said:

    A member in another thread stated that they claim to be aware of mismanagement during COVID and have made efforts to make things better

    they owe me 4 super packs from an order last july.  even paid for additional shipping since ems is no longer avail.  it's all radio silence from them...  until now, they were reliable.  but now, i'll never order from them again.... 

  12. 12 hours ago, borgified said:

    Nope... It's Mirage's Supers and Arad's boxed 31s that gets the reaction missiles.

    As posted by @jenius' blog.




    oh damn!!!  this is so helpful.  many thanks borgified and everyone!  and of course, should've checked with anymoon!  duh...

  13. 21 minutes ago, Sanity is Optional said:

    Nope, some people use the black ones for the VF-31F.

    cool, thanks for the info.  but yeah that sucks.  and looks like only the vf-31c super parts has the reaction type missiles.  it's all gonna be pricey!

  14. On 1/10/2021 at 1:48 PM, Saburo said:



    damn, that's a beautiful bird!  did they ever make super parts for the a?  i saw pics but can't track any down... like anywhere...

  15. 3 hours ago, moose said:

    Anybody have any infon on shipments from Nippon Yassin on the TV fast packs Been waiting and nothing ?

    Did they go bust or waiting onna second shipment?

    Might have to try paypal at this point 

    had to submit 3 help tickets.  finally got a change shipment method. prior to the pandemic i opted for jppost, which is no longer valid.  so finally got the option to pay for upgraded shipping.  which i did right away.  3 business days and 2 weekend days... and counting... 

  16. Just now, Alphahorizon said:

    Thanks @orbitalharvest. Looks like I'll be camping out online and losing sleep to keep refreshing stuff

    no worries.  always working, and leaving their listing pages or macross dx (or something applicable) search results pages open in the bg.  if something turns up, i'll do my best to capture it and give a heads up.

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