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  1. Just now, sh9000 said:

    Thanks for the pics.  Still ordering 2.  It will probably be limited to 1 to order from the online Japanese stores but I'd rather secure them there instead of the US stores.

    multiples! i'm not hatin' over a few mm's...  like f1/lewis nonesense...

  2. On 10/16/2023 at 6:03 PM, MKT said:

    Didn't really like the way these Ghosts were used for the 31AX, but as a standalone piece I pretty like it. Too bad it doesn't have any landing gears, so I pretend its wings+boosters can double up as one like many sci-fi ships do in movies.






  3. 10 hours ago, seti88 said:

    Do we still want perfect transformation? 😅 

    The model kit looks are spoiling whatever's left of the 21 DX mood. 🤪 

    Plus the model kit can tilt to the left and right! And comes with delimitated mode!😆


    word... is it some sort of notion we hold onto because it's status quo?  like we think diecast is always better...  for some detailing and such, i'd argue it's not.  for durability and load bearing... maybe yes.  so is perfect transformations always the best?  if we get one or 2 modes that's dope af, and the others are iffy?  

  4. 1 hour ago, kajnrig said:

    For anyone still searching, USAGundamstore have a 20% off coupon on all things Macross today. (EDIT: Duh me. Might be good to include coupon code, which is "M20".)

    Brings DX VF-25G down to $224 + $10 CONUS shipping + $sales tax.

    Brings HMR VF-0D down to $120 + $10 CONUS shipping + $sales tax.

    nice!  not down for waiting the extra time for US customers, but at least there's a discount at usagundamstore!

  5. 13 hours ago, Radioguy said:

    VE-1 or a VT-1 would be nice to see.

    I've recently succumbed to HMR as a line, but as much as I've found things to enjoy about them, I found my preference for larger scales renewed. A recent 1/60 scale acquisition slaked that thirst more than HMR, but I would still prefer more early-era 1/48 Macross valks. So, if Bandai wants to milk the mold for another VF-1A/J/S variant anytime soon, I'd still be on board.

    word, absolutely would love those!!!  pls bandai pls!

    a little off topic, but as we're delving into the larger scale discussion.  they did show us the reissued vf-25s (which seem successful) and i'd love all the editions with matte finishes.  also, the yf-19 full set pack was shown at nycc last year right?....  fingers crossed

  6. 19 hours ago, Chronocidal said:

    Unfortunately, those two tend to be shelf-warmers, at least from past experience.  The VE-1 seems to have something of a cult following for its unique role, but both the 1/60 Yamato and HMR VT-1 really didn't make any waves.  The Yamato was easily acquired on clearance not long after it was released, and the HMR was one of the few I seemed to have no trouble getting extras of on pre-order night.

    In any case, I would never expect Bandai to do anything other than a TWE release for it, if they ever do get around to it, and that's just fine with me.  But honestly, it wouldn't really surprise me if Bandai never even considered making their DX VF-1 capable of working with those design changes.  Considering how many specialized re-releases they have had to produce over the years to make their valks capable of mounting super and armor packs that they should have known people would want to buy, and yet made no attempt to design valks that would even be capable of mounting them if they were produced, they don't have the greatest track record when it comes to planning their product lines for forward-compatibility. <_< 

    sure, there's some precedence...  i have zero metric data, but i really think the x-factor is that this would the very first dx / 1/48 scale versions.  maybe beyond 1st releases, who knows how well they'll do.  but i do think the initial batch esp the ostrich will do very well.  again, totally biased and anecdotal pov.

  7. 1 hour ago, borgified said:

    Not yet @orbitalharvest in the 1/48 scale. 

    Arcadia has done only the 1/60 PF VE-1 so far, 1/60 PE VT-1 is up next but unknown when it’s going to be made. Most of us will possibly in our graves if and when Bandai does a 1/48 DX VE-1 or a DX VT-1. 

    hey bandai, if you're listening... with the various retooling i image would be needed, and not sure what the roi would be...  seems like dx vt-1 and ve-1 would $$$ell!

  8. 11 hours ago, davidwhangchoi said:

    awesome! I had a similar experience, the shipping they initially estimated and charged during pre-order was way below the actual shipping cost but they sent it express anyways without asking me to pay anything additional. 


    yes, there's talk they might be ny resurrected, but if so... they also treat me well

  9. 2 hours ago, Froy said:

    One to open

    Oneto keep in box

    One to keep in box in the brown shipping box

    One to keep in box, in the brown shipping box in the bigger shipping box.

    And one extra just in case.



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