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  1. HA! That was classic! And the funniest part is that I recognized every one of those sound clips!
  2. I found Cyclonus and the G1 universe legends Autobots. Cyclonus is just....awesome! Ship mode has some problems with the legs not locking properly, but when you get to robot mode...... Wait, before I even get to that, I have to mention that the transformation is just too damn cool. Everything folds and locks together as you'd hope and expect, and my favorite part was when most of the jet nose surprisingly folds away neatly *inside* his back. When you're done, it's undeniably the G1 toon model you're looking at, from the front *or* from the back. That whitish gray that looks awful in online pics(probably because of the flash) isn't as much of a problem in person. That's what had me thinking of getting the Henkei, but now, I think I might pass on the Henkei version(chrome was the other factor). Cyclonus is what we were hoping Galvatron would be. And as if he wasn't cool enough, the added targetmaster is one solid little transformer too, and he doesn't have a simple fold-in-half transformation either. He has elbows too! Unfortunately Cyclonus doesn't look as good next to Galvatron as I was hoping. Galvatron's a bit too small, which isn't the main problem. It's Galvatron's tiny head compared to Cyclonus's normal sized noggin that is. Titanium Scourge looks a little short next to Cyclonus, but at least the head sizes are comparable. The three together still look good, but I was just hoping it'd be better. As for the Universe Legends Autobots. Brawn is great, Beachcomber is pretty good, and Bumblebee has a chubby head. What I really like about all three is that you'd think they would have a simple arms-fold-against-the-chest-sides and lower-legs-fold-onto-upper-legs transformation and that's it. They do have those steps, but on each of them there's a little bit extra you have to do before doing those steps which is a really nice thing to see on what's considered a simple Legends scale transformer. Bumblebee's easily the weakest of the three, and that's mainly because his head is oversized or rather much too wide for his body.
  3. Oh, we had our share here too. Anything by Sid and Marty Kroft is a prime example...
  4. I saw a picture of the new Bee and it's pretty much the same as the old Bee plus some slight mold changes to the head. I'm wondering if we're going to get Premium style decos at any point.
  5. My 360's been doing that for some time, but over the last few weeks it's gotten worse to the point that I'm getting dirty disc errors now which is always preceded by the drive making some kind of death rattle. I've not RROD'd yet either. I figure I'm extremely lucky to have not had that happen to the early model that I have, but I know I'm due. They sell replacement drives online, but what's the point if it's due for a RROD? I'm really happy that the latest dashboard upgrade included an "install to hd", but I only have enough space to install one game at a time, so I really need a new 360. How much do those transfer kits cost and how much of a headache is it to transfer your 360 hd's info to a new system? Anyone else do this? They do sell them, right?
  6. I didn't think so when I first looked at it, but when shown side by side with the movie model, it's an obvious marked improvement. I'm holding out hopes for an improved SS, but given the Skywarp and Ramjet repaints, I'm not too confident we're going to see a retool.
  7. From the pics I saw on allspark, Cyclonus is taller. It's not really that far off from the G1 toon models, where Cyclonus was actually taller than Galavatron. I get the impression Galvatron was made to scale with Cyclonus and Classics Rodimus, and not anyone else. I still wish he was a bit taller. It would help fix how delicate he is. My HTS Megatron arrived last week. He's not as white as he looks in online pics. Definitely more G1 inspired. Best part was that there were none of those *@&^*@#($(@ plastic ties holding him in the package.
  8. Nope. Diamond Select Toys did three of the Marvel Zombies: Colonel America, Spider-man and the Hulk. The neat part about the three is that each comes with a "stand" which is just a slab of ground that can connect to the other stands. What's cool is that there's body parts of the Silver Surfer on these oozing the power cosmic. Appropriately, the Hulk's stand has the Surfer's head on it. BBTS still has the Hulk in stock. I found the Colonel(Captain) America at a Suncoast Video.
  9. Swords only, no interest. Fusion cannon? Now I'm interested. Fusion cannon *and* swords. Even better.
  10. Nice collection, RD Blade. I like the Hot Rod(imus) shelf. I'll give you a display tip for your Unicron, there's a flat part towards the front that you can use to set on top of something else. I used a plastic cube that you can buy at places like Staples. It tilts downwards, but looks better than the default. Most of this is just pics I've posted in this forum elsewhere before. Now that I think of it, I'm going to have to do a proper photoshoot.
  11. There's 3 different things in the game that you can pick up, throw, and shoot. The propane tank(short white and round), the gas tank(red and rectangular), *and* the oxygen tank(green and long). The propane tank blows up instantly, but the O2 tank doesn't explode right away(the first time you shoot it, you'll think you missed) and is more powerful than the propane blast. I played some more sessions, and had a great time in every one of them. Team work is essential if you want to finish an evacuation level. If one of your team mates dies, it makes it much harder for you. I've been heckling my one online friend because he wouldn't come off the tippy top of the hospital to come down and save anyone. The real funny thing is that I was right, if he had come down and saved me and the other player on occassion, we probably would have made it to the end. I think my favorite evacuation level is the one in Death Toll. I just like seeing everything from a distance flocking to your location, and the run to the boat is never easy.
  12. Ctrl-Alt-Delete cartoon here! The Director makes a decision.(my caption) I'm sure everyone who's played the game has been in this situation at least once.
  13. I thought it was odd too that Rorschach was running around like that. I have a feeling we're going to find out that they all have somewhat super skills, and that this isn't too long after the hero prohibition act. They might have to do that to make the movie a bit more believable for the average Joe. The purists will scream, but they're also in the bind of having to also market to non-purists to at least make their money back. As long as it doesn't diminish how much of a pure god Dr. Manhattan is, which is really the point, I'm ok with it.
  14. Played the demo in single player and online with two other people. Had quite a bit of fun with it, and I'm intending on buying the full game. First time I played the single player, I jumped at least twice from things jumping at me out of the blue. I liked that. Watching the zombie horde run towards you is definitely a cool moment. Having one during its run collapse at your feet from a bullet to the head is even cooler. It takes a little bit to get used to the pace. It seems to move *too* fast. The crouch button helps here. I don't know what the full game is like, but so far, I'd like if the normal run speed was a little slower. You have to be careful though, because running too far ahead of your team pretty much guarantees you'll be tongue-lasso'd and dragged away to your death without a fellow player able to save you. I'm also hoping ammo's a little more scarce in the real game, because it feels awful plentiful here. Surprisingly the normal handgun's no slouch either. The AI Director, one of the selling points, is no lie. The demo is completely different each time you play. Granted this is the demo, and only the first two levels if that. I like what it's promising overall. I'm reading on the gamefaqs boards that there's some jerks teamkilling in a lot of games, which totally defeats the point. This has the potential to be a little more of a private game than I'd like. They're also complaining that the game is overpriced and the graphics aren't too great. I think the graphics are fine, especially because I had no noticeable chugging for all the enemies it was throwing on screen at once and online to boot. If the rest of the game turns out to be just as polished as the demo, it bodes well for full purchase price. I'm hoping for lots of DLC.
  15. I just found out the demo's up for the 360. Dl'n it now. Ouch, 1.21gb!
  16. I've been waiting for this game for a long time. I hope it's worth the wait.
  17. Is it 95%? Heh, I always thought it was more. The used games are only $5 less than the brand new ones. Call me cheap, but I'll gladly pay the extra $5 to guarantee I'm not inflicted with any of the aforementioned that Dave listed. The walls are always stocked full of used games. You'd think they'd move more of them if they actually made them, you know, priced to sell? edit: typo
  18. Warpath, maybe, but Wheelie? Did you forget what the G1 figure looked like? The Legends figure is 10000000000x's better, and I might be missing some zeros there.
  19. Eh, not a fan of the blue face. I'm either going to wait for the running change or go for the hanky version.
  20. I had more of a problem with Rhodey being in that exact place at that exact time and also being able to have the open opportunity to do what he did. Given the chaotic nature of the IM vs Monger battle, it just didn't make any sense. Like I said, I'm glad it was cut.
  21. I thought it was a little cliche and over-emphasized how "evil" Stane was which was completely unnecessary. It made it almost a bit cartoonish, I thought. I much prefer the original ending. Having gone through all the deleted scenes, I'm glad they were all cut. They all didn't add anything to the film, and were often very redundant as to conveying already established motivations/personalities. The only scene I thought might add something to the story was the Dubais trip to help explain how he got to the middle east, but that would undercut/replace the best original scene where Pepper Pots sees Tony trying to get out of his armor after that escapade. The cut Rhodes scenes where he helps Tony fight Iron Monger are particularly awful because they make absolutely no sense. I'm also dissappointed with The Incredible Hulk cut scenes for pretty much the same exact reasons. The cut scenes do make you appreciate how well cut the theatrical films are though. It's a pretty good year to be a Marvel fan.
  22. I don't know if it's still the case, but you could find long G1 Prime replacement smokestacks, sometimes even in diecast, on ebay. I bought a set a couple of years ago, and they were pretty nice. I'm sure there'll be demand again with this new re-issue, as low qc as it may be. I'm also just a tiny bit dissappointed by the new Classics Cyclonus pics. The colors were perfect in the first official pictures, and now he looks more like a toy. I mean, it's still a must get, but it went from perfect to pretty damn nice. Anyone have any idea when the legends scale animated figures are hitting the shelves?
  23. Ahhh, good to know. He's shortpacked now as it is so it'll be easy to ignore for now. But how will we know if the change has been done on a future release? I hope the card back will be different.
  24. I don't doubt that it is a great mold. The problem is that Classics Galvatron only goes up to his waist.
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