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  1. Ahh, the Takatoku. I actually ebayed one of those off in anticipation of the Wave. I have good memories of that figure despite its partsforming and age. But wow that's a great picture comparison of the wave vs the megahouse from above. The megahouse is hitting the cruiser mode in a way I prefer over the wave. Less gaps, more, compact. Plus I've always been partial to the tv series ship arms. Thanks for the info, guys. The megahouse is definitely on my want list now.
  2. Haven't been on this forum in ages, but just found out that this thing exists. If you already own the wave, and that's the relative scale you want, is the megahouse better or worse? One of the things that I always disliked about the wave is that by using diecast for the feet that it really makes the cruiser mode unstable as there's no pegging or locking mechanism really holding the front together while gravity pulls the back of the ship downwards and with it the cohesion of the front of the ship. On mine in particular the leg ratchets aren't perfect on the one side which really makes the left side vs right side ship alignment look off when the thing does manage to stick together. I had to invent a brace for the stand to support and balance the leg/rear-thruster weight so that the front of the cruiser mode could look relatively gapless. Anyway, does this have the same problem of holding together in cruiser mode? Are there diecast parts and does the diecast work against it staying together? How's the overall build quality of the megahouse vs the wave? The partsforming stuff doesn't bother me much as long as each mode looks right. I like the wave, but always thought the cruiser mode engineering was lacking.
  3. Depends on how you transform HA Leadfoot. The default transformation in the instructions looks terrible. This looks much better.
  4. I saw a few Movie War Machine figures over the last week. Didn't like the paint job on a one of them.
  5. It's accurate to the movie design. Garbage in, garbage out. I think the Human Alliance motorcycle sisters are the best versions so far even if the base colors are wrong. At a larger scale like the deluxe, it makes the aesthetic design look much worse. At the slightly smaller HA scale, it's not nearly as bad. The legends Arcee is decent too.
  6. Yeow, that is one yellowed Jetfire! Great pics!
  7. Alpha OTS


    Most of my collection is Transformers and Godzilla figures. I use a feather duster and a can of compressed air for some of those tough to reach nooks and crannies. Just be sure to keep the compressed air at a distance.
  8. I'll dump my Toynami as soon as this gets a fastpack. Definitely looks much better. Only negative I see is that the feet are too small, but it has an ankle joint, so it's really hard to complain. Fighter mode looks MUCH better than the Toynami. I hope the QC ends up as good as it looks.
  9. I picked up the Mark I today. Much better detailed than the movie 1 line's 6" figure. Much better sculpted too so that the legs look more natural. It's hard to imagine someone actually wearing the Mark I armor from the previous line without getting a severe case of bow-legging. The 3.75" figure doesn't have that problem, and it looks more like someone in a welder worksuit wearing armor, and the paint deco does a good job of showing that unlike the previous movie line figure. Unfortunately the flame thrower accessory SUCKS. It's a ridiculously large for the figure missile launcher. Thankfully it's not needed to complete the look of the figure as it's pretty complete as is. It still bums me out because I was expecting an action accessory as cool as the ones that came with Comic War Machine and Comic Origin. Also picked up a Marvel 3.75" Silver Centurion. It's decent, but it looks a little too comic booky.
  10. On a whim I picked up War Machine(comic book) and Original Iron Man. Very very nice figures. I'm surprised at how detailed and articulated they are for their size. I like the translucent "weapon action" accessories quite a bit too. I think I like that movie War Machine you have better. Going to keep an eye out for that. For comic WM I think I would have preferred the shoulder pads be a part of the arm instead of connected to the torso. The figure doesn't look right if you try to raise the arms. Given how much the figure's doing right, I can easily forgive that. Also, I almost picked up Iron Monger because it looked quite a bit better than the movie 1 figure I have. Is it as good as it looks?
  11. IIRC, the later episodes where Octane were featured were originally supposed to feature Blitzwing whom Galvatron thought betrayed him in the Five Faces of Darkness. But Octane was on store shelves at the time, Blitzwing wasn't, so that's why the switch. http://tfwiki.net/wiki/Blitzwing_(G1)
  12. I'll say. That cockpit detail is unexpected and awesome!
  13. It was a video for the VF100 VF-25. The Hi-Metal VF-19 looks really nice, but unfortunately I'm not a Macross 7 fan. I'll wait for a Macross Plus version.
  14. I'm still hesitant. I saw a youtube video of the partsforming and it sort of scared me off. It seemed like more of a lego kit than any kind of figure. The joints looked real loose too. It might have been the way the guy cut the video though to put it in a negative light, but I wasn't prepared for what I saw.
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