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  1. I found one with painted teeth. The number on the back was 90921. I was going to pass when I saw the number, but then I looked to see if I could see the head through the package, and there was the silver and gold teeth staring back at me. So yeah, if you want one with painted teeth, look through the package. The front of the head rests against what would be the top of the center console. If it has painted teeth, it *will* be blatantly obvious. If you question whether you see gold and silver teeth, then trust me, you're seeing green.
  2. I don't know if there's any truth to it, but there was a rumor going around that the first game is going to be included in the sequel. I'm still surprised how quickly a sequel is coming. I love the game as is, but I only hope they make it more of a complete package this time.
  3. There are two versions of RotF Skids out there. One with painted teeth, and one without. I unfortunately picked up the latter. I'm still trying to find out if there's a marking on the package differentiating one from the other because it's difficult to tell if the teeth are painted in package. The figure itself is pretty cool, if you like the head design. It reminds me of a gremlin in bot mode and car mode(remember those 70s Gremlins?). I really like the transformation and how the kibble folds up pretty well.
  4. Just finished watching Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus. It was pretty funny because of how bad it was. This movie was produced by Dean Learner and written by Garth Marenghi.
  5. On the one hand I'm aghast and horrified at the idea of remaking something that was done right, on the other, I'm surprised it took Hollywood this long to contemplate defiling it.
  6. They are releasing a legends scale combining Devastator that has robot and vehicle modes. It's being released in Japan in July, and I think Botcon confirmed that it is coming stateside, but not for another year plus, which I assume is partially because they want people to buy the constructicon product they're going to be offering now. Here's a link to BBTS's preorder here. I have my preorder in already. Fan reaction towards the giant non-transforming Devastator on the transformers boards has been luke-warm at best, imo. And those that are intent on getting it seem to be willing to wait until the inevitable discount clearance. Personally I think it's too obnoxiously large for what little it does and how ridiculously expensive it is. Half that size and half that price, I might have been interested, even though it's still essentially a Voltron/Zord. Btw, we need a Ransack repaint in Red Baron colors.
  7. This is the last time I'm going to post about the movie on this board, because the more I think about this movie, the more I honestly hate it. However, I can't let this explanation slip by unchallenged. The movie falls completely apart as a logical sequel because of this plot point. How does skynet know ANYTHING about Kyle Reese? Does it matter if it knows that he's John's father or just the schlub who was chosen to be sent back to protect Sarah? Answer: Skynet doesn't and can't know ANYTHING about Reese, and there's NOTHING in any of the other movies to suggest that skynet might know who he is, what he does at any time, that he exists, or WHAT HE LOOKS LIKE. This is post Judgement Day. There are no records, and Reese did NOT yell to the hoverboard "Hey! I'm Kyle Reese!" To make the logic of Salvation work, you have to significantly diminish the quality of the T1-T2 storylines to the level of Salvation. I choose not to because to do so means there's no longer any purpose in the storyline for the viewer to have to pay attention. Instead of a deus ex machina explaining away the plot holes as "God did it" we now have a slightly different one saying "Time travel did it". Regardless that's poor storytelling 101. T3 was a what-if, and even with it's problems, easy to dismiss. Salvation was supposed to be similar to Cameron's future war, and it's light years away from the ballpark. Watch the link that's been posted a few times in this thread to see the dramatic change in tone that's consistent with T1-T2. There's a lot more terminating in those short clips than in the whole of Salvation.
  8. The chest pieces that make Optimus look so damn cool are also the most infuriating part about transforming him back and forth. I honestly thought I had broken the one side when the bottom part of it dislodged from the chest, turns out, it's supposed to do that. It's such a tight fit though that it really does feel like you're breaking it. Some people on the allspark have taken exacto knives to the speaker ribs to provide a groove for the chest piece peg to slide into as seen here. I'm probably going to have to do the same.
  9. Thirded. (Ransack rocking) I picked up Ransack yesterday with Prime, preview Bee, and Sideswipe. It's funny that out of the figures I bought, Ransack was the one I eagerly opened first. I love the alt mode, the bot mode, and the transformation which makes sense and which finds a place for most everything to peg which is impressive for a scout class figure. I especially like that there's asymmetric transformation going on in the feet which form the rear stabilizer wings. I love that the bot mode is skeletal as it makes him look old and outdated. For a biplane alt mode, it fits. What I also like is the engine part on top of the head which makes it look like he's wearing an old mining helmet, which makes him look even older and more outdated. Another neat detail is that the front of the exposed plane engine on his chest is sculpted and painted. Yet another cool feature, in the instructions it shows his "Battle Mode" where you can extend the cape wings like normal wings and raise the propeller on his chest into place. It's more of a flight mode that makes it look like he can really fly! I don't care that he's probably not in the movie. It's a fracking bi-plane! Just like I'd buy the ice cream truck regardless of whether it's in the movie or not. The alt mode is so absurd it's awesomely cool. Sideswipe is ok. I need to see him in action in the movie because he's still a nobody to me. I found that if you rotate the feet so the heel spurs(which don't do any heel spurring in the normal transformation anyway) are turned around to become the toes the figure is a bit more stable. Like Bonecrusher from the first movie, this is a figure essentially on rollerskates. Transformation was a little tricky, but I was being purposefully careful because I've read that it's easy to scratch his paint. The silver on him is very sharp. The lower torso on mine won't peg securely into the upper torso and comes loose really easy. Unfortunately I've read that this is a common problem. The arm sword gimmick works pretty well though, and stows and deploys. See, he's swiping at you with the side of his car. Get it? The new head on preview Bee is simply fantastic. He's missing some of the tiny minor paint apps the Premium had, including the yellow "finish" on the car mode parts. The base metallic gray they use here is much better than what the Premium or Screen Battles Bee had. The new cannon hand is better and worse at the same time. It's more proportional to the figure and more resembles what we saw in the movie. However, the projectile is an ugly orange which kiddifies the figure, and when not in place, the cannon has a cross shaped barrel which doesn't look quite right. Still, if you own only one deluxe Bee, the preview one is the one to own despite missing some of the paint apps the Premium had. I still need to open Optimus, going to do that shortly. I'm also intending on picking up Leader Megatron this week. In person he looks much better than online pics, even with the gimpy arm. He thankfully *looks* like a Megatron this time.
  10. Well that settles my pre-order for the import Legends Devastator. I don't know if I want an MP Skywarp in more toy-accurate colors. I like him as is so I can convince myself that the all black is for stealth. Regardless, we do need to see this mold released domestically again. It deserves it.
  11. I think most people were on board with that initial sentiment after seeing the first promo materials for the show. Unlike the AEC series, I knew it'd at least be watchable, because it would most likely be Teen Titans quality. However, I was very doubtful it would be good Transformers fiction. I honestly didn't think it would turn out this good. I even really liked the humans! I still don't like the aesthetic, and own a handful of the figures, but that's only because the fiction was that good. I hope Hasbro remembers this lesson.
  12. Some better pics of the Legends movie Devastator. In the first pic you can kind of see what kind of articulation this thing will have in combined mode. http://www.actoys.net/bbs/read.php?tid-362...ad--page-1.html
  13. I hated the idea of the micromaster gestalt kibble too until I acquired a full set. The micromasters themselves are really nice transformers for the size; Bonecrusher and Long Haul especially.
  14. When you think about it though, is it really that much more parts than what G1 Devastator had? Looks like the picture you linked has repro-labels applied to the set to give it a more G1 feel.
  15. That's the Micromaster Universe Devastator I mentioned above. It's about 6 inches tall, and has lots of combiner kibble that can actually combine into a jet for one of the constructicons to fly.
  16. EXCLUSIVE: WHAT WENT WRONG WITH TERMINATOR SALVATION? It at least makes sense why the movie is what it is. Essentially, Batman told the Terminator to dance.
  17. On Soundwave's right that's the Target Exclusive Devastator that's based on the Robots in Disguise Autobot Landfill gestalt set. On his left is the Universe Micromaster Devastator that I *think* was only available at Kay-Bee. See the previous page for a bigger picture of all the Devastators.
  18. In post-apocalyptic earth? Nope. Then why weren't all of those terminators mobilized once it was confirmed Conner was inside? It's a terminator assembly plant for the love of Jeff! Skynet in this movie *IS* Dr. Evil. It just can't instantly kill these people, it needs an elaborate and exotic scheme that it assumes will play out as planned. I loved lightsabers up until Lucas went crazy in 1997. Now I can easily pass on anything new that has lightsabers in it. I wanted to like the movie. I really wanted to like it. But like I said, my brother and I were laughing out loud at the end because we could no longer suspend our disbelief. Conner's tossed around into solid metal structures, but then in the next scene he's moving around like he's never been touched? Oh, and resistance pilots are hot women with perfect long flowing hair.
  19. Yeowzer. That video's a clear demonstration of how off the mark TS is.
  20. A veterinarian doing a heart transplant in the open desert on a windy day. A man gaining access to a submarine by jumping into an ocean during a violent storm. Skynet HQ is guarded by a single terminator whose electronics can withstand the heat of molten slag. Kyle Reese's importance is known by Skynet despite never having been given this knowledge in any previous movie. Outside of Connor, his mother, and his wife, this knowledge is not available anywhere else. Those are just for starters. I did not like this movie. My brother and I were laughing at how absurd it was by the end. "That's not him doing CPR there, is it? Err.....oh my. He's not going to... He did. Ok, that's just silly."
  21. It is. I think I'm one of the few people who like it despite its problems. The trick is to get him into one of the two dynamic poses he can do so you don't see the diaper as badly.
  22. Anyone else notice that movie Devastator has the primary colors that RiD Build King had? I wouldn't be surprised to see yet another release of the Build King mold in the movie line in RiD colors, only with Decepticon labels. I personally love my Target exclusive Build King Devastator: Although I prefer the crane to be a foot as it makes him less symmetric and more a pile of construction vehicles slapped together. Although the arms are kind of stubby this way, they're far more stable. That said, I'm also hoping they do the legends combiner movie Devastator in yellow green primary with purple accents. As for the rest of the movie line. I'm going to be very picky about what I buy. Leader Prime's definitely on the list, and is impossible to resist once you see a pic of him next to the previous Leader Prime as seen here. I'm not liking the new deluxe Bees so far enough that I think they're worth replacing my TF1 Premium Bee or TF1 Screen Battles Bee. The shoulder gun version just doesn't look right in bot mode, and the regular version has no right hand, only a peg to attach the gun. I'm also definitely holding out for some Premium treatments this time. Although the Ice Cream Truck combiner is a must buy. I'm a Twisted Metal nut too so it's impossible to resist. Of course, all this is subject to change depending on how the movie turns out. I really liked the new trailer that played before Star Trek.
  23. Hrmm.....how long until someone Sweet Tooth's these up?
  24. Left 4 Dead DLC out today. It's about 100megs. Haven't had a chance to play with it though. I've heard the melee's been nerfed, as it should be.
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