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  1. 22,890 yen = 203.79 usd

    the asking price is a bit ridiculous unless it comes with the fold booster and the FPs.

    $203 for just the 21....its dope but i think i'll pass.

    Well we do see the FP and a stand in the photozoomer, so it must at least come with those. As for the Fold booster, it wasn't even animated, so any guess is as good as mine on this subject.

    The bird looks really great, it's beginning to grow on me.

  2. I have takatoys stickers and never had any problem with them. If they keep peeling off then that means the dirt is already on the stickers itself, not the surface. Did you apply and unapply them because they peeled?

    I have those as well. I only applied them once.

    Did you use your fingers to apply or a grease/oil free tweazer? The smallest amount of oil from your finger tips can really negatively affect the stickers.

    You can try a THIN film of regular white glue to try and help the stickiness if the sticker is beginning to peel but it hasn't attracted any dust or other contaminants.

    I used and X-acto knife to cut and apply the stickers, I never touched them with my fingers and the x-acto blade was brand new and clean from what I could tell.

  3. unfortunatly, stickers are not the greatest thing. No matter how careful you are, or how clean the surface is or how high the quality, they will eventually peel off. Some will go much faster than others ( I had some go over night). The glue? on the stickers just doesn't hold.

    From the looks of things, no matter what I'll do, they'll just peel-off anyway? Would applying nail polish of the sticker's edge solve the problem ?

  4. Noob question here :

    I bought some excellent sticker sheets form a 3rd party for my Yamato 1/48 VF-1 & 1/60 YF-19. They are without a doubt superior to Yamato's stickers, but still they are beginning to peel-off. Usually on spheric surfaces. Does anyone knows of a solution to make the stickers hold firmly, especially on the Super & Strike Parts for the VF-1.

    Thanks in advance.

  5. ha! maybe on planet Lonewolf but here on planet earth, yamato is taking everyone to the cleaners.

    I never said Yamato's Macross products were cheap, but considering the fact that a 1/60 version of the VF-11B would be approximatly 6cm shorter in fighter mode thand the YF-19, I think it's safe to assume that it wouldn't go for 200$ like the 1st release of the YF-19.

    Even if it goes for let's say 180$, it's still cheaper that the YF-19. Not by a lot you'll say, but it's cheaper.

    EDIT: Back to topic, I really think Yamato did a mighty fine job on that 1:60 YF-21. It's way better than I would have imagined it to be.

  6. Well I guess I know where my taxes' return's gonna go.

    If they truly come with the VF-11b in April, I may have to delay my buying of the YF-21 in favor of the VF-11B. Furthermore, if it's being made in 1:60 scale, it should be smaller than the YF-19 and YF-21, so it sould also be cheaper.

    EDIT: Spelling.

  7. Any idea how much SAL or EMS shipping is, on HLJ now it says the shipping cost info is Not available....

    Well looking at the 1st release shipping price, EMS was about 20$ USD and SAL 10$ USD. No real reasons to be pricier this time around. Of course if things continue this way it'll be cheaper for me since I live in Qu├ębec.

  8. Yep, Feb, or late January if lucky, coz i go SAL, unless they upgrade the shipping if i get more stuff instock from what i ordered and waiting for...

    I should be betting i get mine EMS, as i got a box of the new 1/144 series 2 coming in the same month, but we'll see.

    So I'll be gettings mine before you ruskiVFaussie :p , I went EMs for mine ;)

  9. Any idea of how quickly they'll ship it out once they get it. Just wondering, does Lost and Found Toys take pre/ special order for the SDF-1? Is that place any good? I only know that they carry the display stands and some other Macross stuff...

    Unfortunatly, I never ordered from them so I wouldn't know. I do know that since I early birded it from hlj.com, I'll get it before those that normal pre-ordered it. It's expected to come out by the end of January, so it's safe to assume that I'll be getting it in Febuary.

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