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  1. AH, I used to have questions like that...

    Welcome to MW!

    Well the VF-0S with Ghost fighter is pretty neat. Nora's SV-51 is also a good one. YF-19 with Fast Pack kit and so far the YF-21 are all great valks with not much problems.

    Hope it helps...

  2. I'm guessing it's referring to the upcoming YF-21. Maybe the G-man got himself a production run version of the bird. I remember him saying that it due out end of April-early May.

  3. Just tried it out in FSX Acceleration. It seems to be working just fine. I tried out the Blank textured one. Very nice work on the model. It's nice to have the thrust vectoring. Great job Chronocidal.

    EDIT : Spelling.

  4. I always planned to put 101 on Hikarus 1J if/when i got him...

    I made some cutom 101 markings on the right wing and on each side of the nose. I thought it added alo to the plane. I'll try and dig out the pics of it.

    EDIT: Pics found and uploaded, I also added skull emblems on the tail fins and the heatshield.



  5. As far as I know there's no real way to completely stop stickers peeling. You can prevent it for a good long while by thoroughly degreasing the surface to which they're applied. That way the adhesive actually does its job. For a really nice finish though, waterslide transfers and a good clear coat are the way to go.

    I cleaned the surface with rubbing alcohol and waited for it to dry, I then carefully cut the sticker off the sheet and apply it with my x-acto knife whose blade is clean. Throughout the process, I made sure not to touch the stickers with my fingers.

    So from the look of things, Waterslide decals would be better than stickers?

  6. Greetings,

    It's my first time posting in this section of the forum and I hope my question goes here.

    I asked this in the Newbie ANSWERS thread, but hardly got a the response I was hoping for. Since lots of you guys apply what seems to be stickers to your custom jobs, how do you make them hold? I got great stickers from a 3rd party, but they are beginning to peel-off after about 6-8 months.

    Is there anything I could do to make my stickers stay on my 1/48 VF-1, 1/48 Fast & Strike part and my 1/60 YF-19?

    Thanks in advance and sorry if this doesn't belong here.

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