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  1. ok... if anyone is looking for me, ill be in the bathroom.... i need to relieve... myself after looking at all this crazy, lovely art efforts... :wub:

    Same here, again this WIP is pure delight everytime it's updated with pic and details.

  2. Anybody received any payment request or shipping notification for the Super Parts yet?

    Haha, it's been so long since I pre-ordered, I forgot which company I ordered from. Gotta dig through my email.


    Got my payment request 2 weeks ago from nippon-yasan

  3. I didn't actually want to upload this yet but I might never complete it so I've decided to show what I've done and probably retire the vf-11 for now. I might do something else with it in the future but I'll probably work on another plane during my next break. Find this clip anticlimactic? Blame real life. :p

    I love it. It's very well done IMHO. Cheers man, your VF-11 model is really impressive.

  4. Hi! First of all forgive my english...

    Mine has arrived in perfect conditions from the same seller, but I´m stuck in the very same pose that you linked, because I can´t unlock the hips, so I can´t free the arms, so I cant attempt battroid mode... I´ve seen all the youtube reviews I could found, and in every one of them the "tricky" step seems easy and pretty unchallenging, but I´m afraid that my unit is EXTRA TIGHT... and I don´t know exactly where to apply the pressure, and how much force will be necessary....when I hear any minimum "crack" sound I inmediatly stop, so I cant progress.

    Any advice, image or video source would be VERY appreciated.

    Anyway, what I can see at the moment is so beatiful and detailed...so far so good.

    Thanks :lol: !

    Hey Tugas!

    You don't need to unlock the hips to get the arms out. The piece I encircled in red needs to be rotated down. Then unlock the arms from the back pack by pulling them down a little and then simply rotate the shoulders to get them out.


  5. Got this in the mail today from AnimeKingInc(dot)com


    The box was almost pristine with very little wear. The VF-25F was a lot heavyer than I expected, but I'm really impressed with it. Just have to wait out on the super pack now.

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