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  1. You ordered it at HLJ? You might not get it until june or july. They are notoriously slow at processing orders.

    They can't be worst than BBTS. I'm still waiting for my YF-19 to ship that was due to arrive December 2006. We're the 31st and still no sign of it anytime soon.

    Back on the subject, I'm still not 100% certain which version of the VF-0A I'll get, but I still have time to think about it. May be in the long run, I'll get the 2 of them... That would solve my dilemma. :p

  2. Hey, sorry it doesn't appear to be up yet, I don't quite know what happened. I mailed the file off to someone who offered to host it, then headed home for Christmas, and didn't get to check back till now. I would try sending it to someone now, but I'm on a 28k modem at the moment. :p It might be another week before I can do anything about it.

    But I can give you a preview of the new one I'm working on for FSX :D

    That is a excellent exemple of modelling skills.

    Will you ever make it available to the general public, or sell it on the net ?

  3. Aside from the grey stripes on the wings, what's the difference with the current CF VF-0A and the "proper" one ?

  4. ...snip...

    I wonder if Yamato will milk these molds as much as they are milking the 1/48's?

    If they do, they might end up doing a GBP. :mellow:

    I'd love to see a Reactive Armor set for the VF-0, but I'm not holding my breath on it happening anytime soon.

    Thanks for the comment doodler7, but the main problem in repainting a figure is that it looses all of it's value. Anyhow, I still have time to think about it.

  5. ...snip...

    Now that we have a Shin VF-0A coming out, would it be safe to assume we'll see a proper CF at some point? Will that totally relegate the current CF release to "nobody's Vf-0A"? If that becomes the case maybe we'll never see a reissue of that particular valk which might make it a collector's item. Then again, if it is just a stripped version of Shin's, anyone who wants one can just buy a Shin version and strip it.

    Well according to Kawamori-san, the VF-0A that's currently available IS the proper version of the Cannon fodder.

  6. I'll never understand the topics which essentially ask: "Tell me which one I like more."


    Actually, I like both equally, I just thought knowing what other people thought about each version would be interesting.

    Besides, there's nothing wrong in asking other's opinions.

  7. I would get Shin's version if you have none. I have the normal VF-0A and wish I had waited.

    Aside from the accessories, why do you wish you had waited?

  8. Hi,

    I'm a bit uncertain as to which version of the VF-0A to get.

    I like the cannon fodder's missile accessories, but I like the bonus Ghost fighter of Shin's version.

    Since I can't afford both, I want to know which version you guys from the board like the most.

    Thanks for voting and hopefully it'll help me choose.

  9. I've scoured this board and I've done a lot of searching on the net,

    but I've been unable to find any headshot for the VF-11.

    Has anyone got a good one ?

    Preferably a drawn one would be nice.

    I've seen tons of pics from the toys, but nothing really great.

    If this is not the right place to ask, please feel free to move this thread.

  10. Hi,

    I know the VF-0A/Ghost bundle comes with extra dorsal fuel tanks with dents in them for the missile pods, but does it come with undented dorsal fuel tanks if one would like to display the Ghost and VF seperatly ?

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