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  1. I love irony. In my previous post I asked Will when Blasto would be taking preorders for Prime. Moments later, Blasto is taking preorders for Prime. Bless that beautiful man and his Blastoriffic store.
  2. My VF-1S Joke Machine. Always has and always will be my favorite Macross toy. Although a 1/48 version would probably change that.
  3. Why would you want a deluxe Fortress Maximus, when the current fortress maximus works almost perfectly with scale of these little guys. True, true. And these look GREAT standing on him. I guess I just want tiny versions of all of my favorite Transformers.
  4. Just buy a Hikaru VF-1S Banpresto or whatever those were. It'll fit in with the rest of these Transformers. Not really, the Banprestos are around 4" tall and the WST are just over an inch.
  5. Orson could use a 'transformation' of his own. I'm thinking tar and feathers would do the trick, might as well make him look like the turkey he is.
  6. I've got mine prdered at Blasto too. B) Will, if you happen to read this do you have any idea when you will be offering Prime for pre-order at Blasto?
  7. I never really know what to think of the whole "made for kids" excuse. Yes, it's true that they are made for kids. BUT...it wasn't so long ago that I was a kid. I can remember those times vividly and I have a distinct recollection of what I liked and didn't like. I can say with absolute certainty that I would have hated this Energon (and most of the Armada) stuff. Maybe it's appealing to a 5-year old, but anything beyond that is questionable.
  8. yes both of cartman prime you would not believe the amount of obesity jokes there are floating around the tfboards Scorpunok get them before hasbro closes in on tin tin happy OK, I revoke my reserved reaction from yesterday. That Prime is just goddamn horrible. And I like fat robots. I'm really not looking forward to seeing Energon toys in the store. I hope they don't get stacked too close to the Alternators, they'll probably emanate some sort of taint.
  9. Sideswipe is looking mighty fine indeed! And MP Prime is without question the most excellent Transformer ever made.
  10. You know...I'd feel like puking after seeing Megs and Prime, but the Alternators line is so good that I don't even care. But still....those Energon figures really are aweful.
  11. Does anyone know if there is any truth to the rumor that Hasbro will release these next year? It would be nice, but it seems like they'd pose too many choking hazards for a company like Big H. ::edit:: Didn't mean to quote you there SV. That's what I get for posting after spending the night at the pub.
  12. I've become a big fan of this tiny line. So far I've got Soundwave, Prime, BumbleBee, Starscream and Sideswipe, and I must give a huge thumbs up to all of them. Soundwave steals the show in this first series I think. Probably wont get Skywarp and cliffjumper because they're just repaints, and I probably wont get Prime's trailer unless I can find one for a sane price. I can't believe the little thing is going for $30+ on Ebay. I don't remember who originally posted this on the old site, but I thoght it would be nice to look at Series 2 again: http://tfw2005.com/modules.php?name=IndyNe....jpg&MediaNum=2 I'm not sure what's going on with Megs, but at least he's included. I think Jazz and HotRod will be my favorites. So what would you like to see for Series 3? Here's my wishlist: Jetfire (one can dream...) Galvatron Shockwave Rodimus Prime Perceptor Wheeljack Windcharger And a deluxe Fortress Maximus for good measure.
  13. I dunno...I still like it. I do think it's mistransformed, but maybe only slightly. For as different as the design is, it still retains the classic feel and doesn't have random kibble. And as areaseven said, it looks far better than any Armada design.
  14. As long as there isn't an extended rave/orgy/love scene seqence then this one should be better than Reloaded. Actually it does look pretty cliche, I'll probably wait for the rental.
  15. Compared to the pic that was at OTFCC I would have to say it looks mistransformed. Aside from that, I think Sideswipe is just as beautiful as Smokescreen. Damn I can't wait for this line. Just imagine what Jazz could look like!
  16. We want Audrey Tatou back!!! We, meaning me! Fine. Never let it be said that I'm not easy.
  17. Since it's start-over-from-scratch time, I decided to change my name from 'czahr' to the name I've been wanting to use, 'eriku'. I've also given Amelie a rest for my avatar and opted for a tree of life that a friend of mine drew. Good to be back and great to see everyone again! B)
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