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  1. :blink::lol::rolleyes:

    Me dejo sorprendido no puedo creer que en las batallas se haya mezclado, todo MACROSS, claro me imagino que no tiene escenas de otros VF´s A excepcion de los SMS, ya que son provedores militares, y la milicia es la que se encarga al 100% de la batalla, mientras que los SMS son los que apoyan en un objetivo especifico, corrijanme si me equivoco.

    ya que al efectuar el ataque, junto a el MACROSS solo se vio los VF´s de SMS pero no se vieron los VF´s militares.

    eso es lo que me da a primera impresion.

    ademas que como en anteriores versiones de MACROSS no dan mucha explicacion durante la mision o despues de la mision.


    Aegis Focker.

    Ps. Someone who Traslade to english.

    Tanks B))

    I was surprised, I can't believe that in the battle everything Macross had come together. Of course, I imagine that there are no shots with other VFs besides SMS's due to them being military providers, and is the military the one that handles the entire battle, while SMS brings support on a specific objective. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    I get this impression because during the attack, next to the Quarter Pounder you could only see the SMS fighters but not NUNS fighters.

    Besides, like in other Macross series, they don't give too much explanations during and after the battle.


    Aegis Focker.

    PS.: Tanques.

  2. I have not seen Ep 6 yet, but I am really discouraged from hearing the poor character animation. Has anyone watched Kissdum: Engage Planet which was also produced by Satelight? Shoji Kawamori did the mechanic design. The first 2 or 3 ep were great, from then on the characters were drawn so poorly that it was unwatchable. I was worry when I first found out Satelight was doing MF. I really hope SK or Big West will fix this. :angry:

    Basically Satelight got the shaft there when the project creator and original director bailed on them but they had to push on because of contractual obligations. To minimize loses, they subcontracted the animation to Korea or China or something. They are remaking it, or at least reanimating it, though.

    However, if you want to see anything else by Satelight, go check Arjuna, Aquarion, Macross Zero, or even some parts of Metropolis. When they have the budget, they kick ass. And even when they don't they still do, like so far in Macross Frontier.

  3. I can live with the misdrawings most of the time. After all, we have been curated on Animefriend/StarPRO (IIRC) before, even in episodes as important as Virgin Road.

    However, the thing that really disappointed me was the direction of Sheryl's concert, which was probably forced by the lack of abilities of the animators itself. After thoroughly enjoying every single singing scene in this series (from Sheryl's stage extravaganza to Ranka's observatory jam, or even their duet the first time we hear Diamond Crevasse, all have been extremely well done), the Bye Bye Sheryl concert just... fell short. Too plain of a scene for the situation they're in, the meaning of the song, and Sheryl herself, and not in a "simple subtle Edward James Olmos in BSG style scene" but in a "I can't act, so here's my Steven Segal face" kind of plain; specially when contrasted with the superb CG shots of Satelight during the montage.

    I hope that if they can redraw only one scene in this episode, they redo this. It would really make up for all the suffering for the rest of the episode.

  4. If I remember correctly, in some litigation documentation from when Nue sued Tatsunoko a lot of details were revealed, and I think I recall that they could only carry on making the show financially thanks to the sale of the overseas distribution rights to HG.... which I thought was ironic at the time hence I remember it till now. I'm not 100% sure though, so don't quote me, rather, let's find the literature again and quote that.

    Didn't HG enter the game after DYRL was already in production? :blink:

  5. God, The Legend of Megaroad! Now that's what I call quality fan fiction (along with Eva based Strike Fiss's Higher Learning, the only two anime fan fics I really think the studios should buy from the writers and animate). Interesting new characters, plausible drama for old characters, there is an actual sense of desperation in the entire story - and the author is not afraid to kill, sometimes in a passing line during a battle, just like that, characters he's been developing for hundreds of pages. Too bad it hasn't been updated in years, it's halfway through the second book out of three. Maybe I should start a petition.

  6. Just saw the episode at Scifi.com, it will be broadcasting hourly 'till 4pm EST if you haven't seen it yet.

    Three things, vague enough not to spoiler anyone.

    Zarek's back, and he's still the master pimp. Hope to see a lot more of him this season

    Cally's psycho. Ok, I know we knew that already, but she's clinically psycho. Like, for real. Cottle said so (by the way, he's back too, and he's still a badass).

    Boomer is in DEEP poo.

    As Jacob at Television Without Pity would say, "Welcome the frak back to Battlestar Galactica."

  7. Okay, I have a kinda quick question. Please dont laugh at me, but I am very interested in trying out the Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard, but I dont want to dump $1000+ for a laptop/desktop right now since I have a baby on the way....is there a way that I can get the OS X 10.5 Leopard for my present computer Install and use it?

    I have a custom built Windows Based machine

    Asus Av8 Deluxe motherboard (AGP 8X)

    AMD Athlon 64 3000+(1.8 Ghz)

    GeForce 7800 GS Overclocked by BFG with 256 MB DDR3 ram

    2 GB PC3200 Ram

    120 GB HDD

    Windows XP Home with SP2

    Now, is this even possible? I am totally in the dark on computers, and I would like to just run Mac OS X 10.5 without having to go out and buy one for a couple thousand dollars.


    The Hackintosh road is hard and long, but it is worth it.

    Good luck.

    (Then again, if you really want to do this, better shape up those computer skills, for this might very well kill your computer if done wrong.)

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