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  1. If you ask me, there shouldn't have been a LHA in the first place. There was enough material there to make a second TV series season, and I know that me, and a couple of hundread other LH fans out there would have prefered the extended story (and more Naru, or Motoko, or whoever you want) than the prettier animation (well, except for the character designs :p , although I was watching it for the story rather than for the T&A).

    Man even if they used the same basis of LHA, Vol 9 to 12, there would have been even some more story to make a movie or a rightly done OVA from the last two volumes.

    Too bad they chose the quick buck. <_<

  2. Go manga. The anime is good, but the manga is a LOT better. Although I tend to disregard the existence of Volume 14 (except for the last two chapters) and consider Volume 13 more as a Seta/Haruka side-story (after all, they are the Roy and Claudia of the LH universe. kinda.).

    And do yourself a favor and completely forget that there are OAVs out there. Love Hina Again is good ONLY for the opening/ending songs and character design (probably the weakest point of the tv series, at least when you talk about Motoko :blink: )

    BTW, there IS a place in the net when you can find the ENTIRE manga scalations, and it's pretty easy to find it. That is, if you're not in a country where it has been licenced (Japan, China, Europe or USA, AFAIK)... :rolleyes:

  3. let's try that again

    ok, lemme check it out.

    landing gear - standard trycicle.

    folded backswept wings - checked. looks like a su-27 one. although it also looks like a f-16 one (not enough detail in animation to check out)

    back hump typical to the flanker family - checked.

    canaards - nop, at least not in the flanker configuration, ground crew blocking a possible vf-11 configuration view, so let's assume they're not there.

    nose cone - too big for a su-33, looks like a su-34 one :blink:

    canopy - not enough light to really see it. but it looks like a single piece, though.

    engine block? - kinda reminds me of a Mig 1.44. also looks like a Karyobin or a Ghost.

    intakes - ground crew blocking view.

    overall look - like a ghost with wings and a su-34 front fuselage with su-27 like canopy.

    therefore, a made up plane. :p

  4. Hum, now that I've seen the Vf-22s schematics, and since we're in the topic (kinda), why does the Sturmvogel has so many rods in the canopy? It's not like it's a lot bigger than anything else to demand more structural support, and if clean it would have pretty much the same shape than the VF-19's, so no freaky shape stress problem there.

    And Macross DOES have a history of clean, F-16 / F/A-22 canopies (sp?), save for the 17 (which was based, after all, in the 117).

    Can anyone please take a shot or two at that one? :unsure:

  5. If it wasn't for the MAXL variant she would likely have had a 17 or a 19 as well.

    Or a 22 as was orginally planned :blink:

    Man, going from badass Ghost killer to titted valk... <_<

    Haven't heard about a 22 for Mylene before. :blink: Guess that idea was scrapped to make the VF-22 Max/Millia exclusive for the show.

    It's in the design works, a pre production sketch of the MAXL (pretty much like the VF-11Kai that Basara was supposed to fly, a more logical step than the 19). I can put up a scan or two if you want. :p

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