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  1. S:AAB needs a remake (more like a second shot), badly. However, I've got to say that all that that series had going on besides the aliens Galactica has already redone it and wrote the book about doing it right. A tough act to follow, even more when you realize that what didn't work in Space failed BADLY (gosh, how I hated Kylen Celina and the stupid things West did for her; she should have died at the beginning and it would have made better character development for him).

  2. So, I still haven't seen Razor. I don't expect Sci-Fi will re-run it anytime soon, and I refuse to rent. I gotta say, I feel totally out of the loop witht he show now, and my interest certainly has waned a little.

    If you don't mind being spolied, read the Razor entry in Television Without Pity. It has a detailed summary of the episode (underlining references to past events events in the series), so it will be enough to put you up to date. Although if I were you, I'd get a friend to buy or rent the Extended Edition, extra background for Cain and Adama, and the action scenes of the First Cylon War and the extended attack on the shipyards in it are simply spectacular.

    I did facepalm during the "By your command" moment, though. Nostalgia gets even the best among us sometimes.

  3. Amazing, I cannot wait for the rest of the series. And I can't say I felt sorry for the squeezed pilot, that's what happens when a mosquito fights a bazooka. Actually, I'm kinda impressed that they put something like that in there - it was way more tasteful than Guld's or DD's deaths (not that I have any problem with them). If they didn't do it only for the shock factor but because they are not planning to pull their punches in general, chances are that we are going to get some good war drama out of this.

    BTW, am I the only one who's getting a little bit of BSG vibe from the fight scenes?

    Edit: Guess scottrossi just answered my question.

  4. One thing i tend to wonder is why they are going back to wing mounted ordnance when they always went for internal weapon pallets since the VF-5000.

    It's a bane to stealth, altought the fighters can carry more missiles. It's cooler, i know, but storyline wise is just a mess. if instead it was a combination of leg mounted pallets and wing mounted ordnance that would be quite interesting instead.

    Well, remember they have active stealth officially for at least a decade now, and with that thing they could have a 747 piggybacking the fighter and still be stealthy (at least, that's the idea). Besides, that we haven't seen the VF-25 or 171 using internal pallets doesn't mean they don't have them.

  5. Is anyone having problems with the DVD?

    When I tried playing it in my macbook, the thing skips the Young Helena scene seamlessly, almost like if it was the broadcast version unless I actually scan for it and start playing from the middle of the scene. At first I thought they had the two versions, broadcast and extended, in the DVD but there isn't any option like that on the menu, and it plays the entire extended Young Adama sequence perfectly. Parental control is totally disabled, and there are no other angle options enabled either.

  6. Macross fan who was part of the resistance at Robotech.com in late 2001. Millia Jenius mentioned this place in one thread and I cheked it out. Never went back to the RT forums. Lurked for about six months until I finally joined, but I've never been much of a poster. I remember I used to discuss with Edo Andromedo C about Final Fantasy VII and Digimon Adventure, though. Jeez, I feel old remembering that ^_^

  7. So is everyone going to watch Razor this week(it's this week right?) or just boycott and watch the torrent?

    I'm not watching it again on SciFi because I saw it at the theatre last week already. It's frakking amazing, so I'll wait for the extended edition on DVD. Hopefully it will be reedited a little to remove the opening theme and ad cuts, it really is a movie cosplaying as a special episode because of all Glen Larson's legal angst.

  8. Is the upcoming Battlestar Galactica film/event suppose to about the Pegasus pre-showing up in the series or what takes place on the ship while many of the Galactica crew were on New Caprica when it's under the command of Apollo? I can't remember.

    Actually, is all that Fatalist said, but also including the first mission of the Pegasus under Lee's command, and somethings about the first cylon war (like Adama in a Viper, childCain, and some old school toasters.

  9. Well, people are launching Millennium Falcons and Serenities (and a Battlestar, dammit!) out there at X-Plane.org, and talking about importing Lightwave models wrapped around Planemaker models and such nonsense, so I guess you can attach a visual model over a physics model. I guess that's kinda cheating (from an engineering point of view anyway), but, hey, people like their eye candy.

    Hmm. Maybe I should get a copy of 8.0 and try and model a Viper Mk VII.

    However, Austin Meyer really, really, should get to overhaul Planemaker. IMHO, that thing is only good for modeling airliners - I pity whoever try to make a YF-23 or F-117 in it.

  10. It is even possible for something not made in the X-Plane modeler to work in X-Plane? Last time I checked, it was necessary so the airflow simulation engine could run the simulations. Then again, I haven't touched X-Plane since version 5.0

  11. Go for it. As long as you have a good story, I don't think anyone will complain. Of course, you'd might prefer to do your own characters in the same setting (like Macross 7 Trash, set in Macross 7) than to reuse "official" characters, so you wouldn't have to deal with keeping them "in character" according to what's canon - which is probably (besides the sucky storylines) the biggest problem in any class of fan fiction.

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