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  1. Ironic that you of all people are criticizing other people's 3D models.

    It's not the 3D model, it's the design. The 3D model LOOKS awesome; hell, the whole project, as visual effects go, is very good looking for a fan effort.

    But the designs are shite.

    Think about it a little bit like this image: http://www.robotech.com/images/content/GIM_423_2_742.jpg

    The colour work there is very nice, but not even all the filters in Photoshop are going to save that VF-1 from being drawn in an utterly frakked up way.

    The same way, not even all the filters in After Effects are going to save these designs from being crappy.

    What makes the Kawamori and Miyatake designs so bloody good is that, even while stylized, every piece of them has a function and they actually seem to work for that function, like real engineering in real life. If you have a big gun with a proportionally big recoil, either you put it on a big enough frame (like the Monster or the Nosjedaul) that will withstand the recoil or you put them on a swivelling appendix that won't totally destabilize the whole thing while recoiling (like on the Glaug or the Tomahawk arms) - you don't put it on the torso of a nimble frame that will make the whole thing fall back after the first shot. If you're going to go through the hassle of putting some manoeuvring sacrificing heavy armour on the mech, you place it to protect something like actually need protecting like a joint, not a simple dumb piece like a leg side. In a machine that will be shot up to hell and back, you try to keep the smallest profile possible to decrease the chances of being hit, not have lots of pieces of various sizes and shapes protruding from one part or another, just waiting to be hit by ricochet. And if you happen to put vital systems on those parts waiting to be shot at unless they necessarily have to be there (like the wings, which cannot act like wings unless they are wings), then that's just plain bad engineering.

    These designs are not based on even semi-realistic engineering principles. They are based on the Rule of Cool. Which, for a realistic mecha design, can quite easily become the Rule of Suck (like what happened to Kawamori himself with the Sound Force Valkyries).

    And I say that we keep updated on this thing. It's like a trainwreck - it is awful, but I cannot get my eyes off from it. We have to have something to complain about before the Frontier movie comes out, you know :lol:

  2. The same way that good Photoshop colouring doesn't save a bad drawing in a comic, good visual effects (and I'll admit they have impressive visual effects) and a saturated colour palette doesn't save those crappy designs. They went from the very stylish yet realistic VF-1 to a collection of pieces you can find in an avant garde desktop light glued over a F-18.

    If you ask me, they re-designed the Valk because they are hoping - as they say on their own website - to get funding from Harmony Gold to make it a full feature movie (instead of "changing the designs for the new millennium" bs they have there), in which case they wouldn't legally be able to use the VF-1 nor the Macross designs in an animation. But, darn, they could have done a better job.

    And they HAD to use the Pegasus Death March from 'Storming New Caprica' in their trailer, dammit? <_<

  3. So, when are the auditions for voice acting? :D

    Although it has been a while... a long while... since the last time I've done anything in 3dsMax, I'd be up to do some secondary starship modelling, low poly LOD modelling, and maybe some architectural work. There is no love for those beautiful ARMDs, almost mothballed Oberths, Lancer Fighters, or Ghosts that appear in the background for two seconds or three before blowing up and I wanna tackle that. If you're interested, send me a PM telling me more or less what do you want and gimme a day or two to cook up something to show off my abilities and see if I'm up to the task.

  4. Not sure where to post, but did anyone else get to see that video of the prop pilot doing aerials and his right wing come flying off and he actually slowed himself down by flying upwards and lowered like a chopper and fricken landed the thing!!!??!?! I got it on vid, have to wait till the weekend to upload onto photobucket or something, i can't get my head around and want to believe it was CG but it ani't!

    Try as I might I couldn't find that video anywhere. Could you post it, please? I'm DYING to see that thing.

  5. I'm thinking that they have different models for transformation and for action (different movement skeletons). The one for action can probably get bits of it "shot off" while the one for transforming can't.

    If they were using 3dsMax for animation (and every production shot I've seen has had the Max interface), it would be as easy as cloning the shot section from the action model; importing, aligning and linking (basically, chaining it) to the wing of the transforming model (basically making it follow the skeleton rig without having to link the part to the skeleton - that is, assuming that they don't morph the part during the transformation, otherwise the whole effect would be ruined) and then flagging the intact wing properties so the renderer will ignore it... and probably someone forgot to do that last thing, because it is a really small action that is totally out of the way at the end of the entire workflow.

    So, chances are that we got an intact wing rendering over a damaged wing because someone forgot to untick a box.

    Edit: Woohoo! 300 posts! And it only took me five years! ^_^

  6. Thanks for the info, as usual! Though, I really don't understand what the point of re-drawing those scenes are. It's not like they're fixing mistakes anymore... they're just adding stuff for the hell of it? Get to work on the movie, already!

    I don't know you, but I'm loving the whole reanimation thing here (since it is removing the only perks I had with those episodes: Sheryl looking like Sheryl in the concert scene) Besides, it is a good way to keep the minions at the drawing dungeons at Satelight in good shape for the movie while it is in pre-production, you know.

  7. On the topic of Macross Frontier, he siad that he felt he had gotten all the silly things he wanted to try out of his system when he made Aquarion and had therefore decided to return to a more orthodox approach (for a mecha show) when he started work on Frontier. If he hadn't tried everything he wanted to in Aquarion, said Kawamori, you would probably have had naked pilots flying mecha in Frontier or something like that.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, this is what is called taking one for the team. All hail the brave team of Sousei no Aquarion, taking it on the face for the sake of Macross.

  8. I just finally sat down and watched all 10 episodes of season4...................wtf? 0_o I was expecting a very different ending.

    That's because it's not the ending. The 11th episode, not yet aired, is the one that would have been originally used as the series finale had the series been canceled by the Writer's Strike.

    But I don't think we'll ever get that episode in the way it would have been broadcasted since the series was not cancelled and there are still 9 more after it.

  9. Macross F Karaoke Part Two Roll Call

    Now I was thinking that one special section of this karaoke will be reserved for communities singing the SMS song. Something like YKDB sings the SMS Chant, or Macross World sings the SMS Chant, or Animesuki, or YKFan, or the Smiths family, or what have you…

    Ok, who wants in? I might be able to record a part or something, but I have absolutely no ability on mixing or sound editing (probably Hikuro can take care of that if he is interested).

  10. Howard Glass is voiced by the seiyuu that did the voice/grunts of Gouki/Akuma in Street Fighter Zero

    Dude, Howard Glass is the MC who introduces Minmei after her return to the Macross in DYRL. :ph34r:

    Edit: And Nanase is Canaria is Yurika from Nadesico. Oh, MAN!

  11. I am still refusing to let this go :lol:

    So I am playing with some lights and definitely reworked the textures.

    To do:

    • Work some more on the plating and add some wear and tear!
    • I want to think about a good composition, so I am toying with some ideas about how to present the model

    By the way, I always wondered how the cannons on the Macross fired, hence the idea below. I hope I am not contradicting canon (as in canonical story)!

    Thanks for looking!


    Sir, with that picture, you just made me a believer. If you ever need a human shield, just call me.

    Btw, is there any chance we can get a shot with a group of VF-1 standing or parked on top of the Prometheus like the VF-25s on Macross Quarter, just to get a sense of epic scale out of your model (and a new wallpaper? :D )

  12. I voted for Your Sound because it had everything PLUS the kitchen sink thrown in.

    Diamond Crevasse follows at a VERY close second because of the emotional thrill ride.

    I have the same opinion but reversed; Your Sound follows very very closely Diamond Crevasse. Your Sound was a wonderful episode that was almost everything that I could have wanted (and hopefully an extended version will have everything that I want) - a thrill of a ride that I can only compare to Exodus Part II from Battlestar Galactica: Both had me on the seat of my pants the from beginning to end.

    However, the moment that moved me most in the series was Diamond Crevasse, because in 24 minutes I went from not really caring for a kinda cocky and somewhat cliched high-school casanova (who, to his credit, was also fun and rejected a very willing loli) to being totally traumatized by his death, irrationally wishing that there was a way from him to survive despite knowing very well that it would be both physically impossible and would cheapen the entire series. That is what I call bloody good storytelling.

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