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  1. Has anyone been to this site lately? http://www.game-warden.com/bsg/

    A new look and a few new updates. I hope I can use a joystick and throttle for this game when it's out!!!

    You can. Check their forum, there is waaay more info (and screenshots) there than in the page.

    And as another shameless plug for the mod, from the same people, and just because we love her,

    THE (almost complete) BEAST



  2. I will probably never go Vista. The paranoic overinforcement of the DRM embbeded into the OS and all the consecuences (disability of, I don't know, EVERYTHING the OS doesn't like; and even if it likes it, it will disable it just in case) doesn't cut it for me.

    Read this (not so little) gem A Cost Analysis of Windows Vista Content Protection - that's not cost in "how much will it cost" but rather "it cost me a lot drop those last 200 pounds". Everything that's bad with Vista right now.

    Anyway, it gives me an official excuse to try Linux :D

    Of course, if you have Vista, and you can refute what they say there, do it, please.

  3. Never saw the movie version. I know in my version of the OVA, he was called Alpha One during that scene.


    In the OVA, they call him Alpha One; in the Movie, they call him Eagle One. Why? Who knows.

    On the other hand, I like how Hikaru "Lingerie" Ichijo sound.

  4. That's what I'm saying, in fact, the only space elevator model I've ever saw eas satellite based, but when the carbon tube reaches earth it will need a foundation, because if not, what would prevent it from collapsing due to gravity, winds and stuff?

    You could make an extremely wide tube, so all forces are sustained by itself but that would require an excessive amount of resources (hence, rocketing rules!xD)

    You don't need a foundation. The tube will be pulled upwards by the centrifugal force of the anchoring satellite orbiting around the Earth. Think of it as a string tied to a rock you swing around, only thing you need is a little attachment point (like a ship or a modified oil rig like it's proposed) to prevent it from going around the place.

    The biggest problem is the tube being strong enough to support it's own (and the cargo's) weight, being flexible enough to survive the wind currents and getting it out of way of planes and space debris.

    And the Diet Coke+Menthos stuff. Damn nice trick for a party once everyone is drunk enough. But will ONLY work with Diet Coke. Pepsi won't cut it. And never, NEVER, try to do it in your mouth. That one isn't a nice show.

  5. Sometime in later 2001 or early 2002, after lurking for a couple of months - discovering Macross World and flipping the bird to the Robotech.com forums marked the end of my puberty. :blink:

    I've never been much of a talker, though, except when arguing with Edo Andromedo about DYRL over pm and email. I do remember when the Hasegawas just came up - I bought them on the hype, but I haven't build them yet.

  6. Does anyone knows if Namco is selling a soundtrack for this one like AC5? I've fallen in love with the flamenco in the trailer, never thought acoustic guitar could go so well with dogfights.


    "Macross Plus."


    Those were violins. Unless you're talking about an AMV.

  7. Those fellas at the Key Publishing Aviation Forums have already debunked this thing. China probably is developing a stealth fighter, but this is only CG.

    However, if you want something kinda revolutionary the Chinese may be looking - or buying - into, take a look at this.

    Plasma Stealth Technology

    A Russian thingy (sucks that they are too damn broke to do anything with the stuff they come up with) that might allow any plane, regardless of shape, to go unnoticed on radar. Of course, the plane will light up like a flare, but nobody is perfect.

  8. do anime music videos count? I don't like AMV Hell 3 - The Motion Picture after watching the whole one hour and eight some odd minutes of it I realized it was a huge waste of time I pissed away and I'll never get back.


    I don't think you're supposed to see AMV Hell 3 in one sitting, it's just too much. I pass it much better while putting it on the background while doing something else, and check in when I'm bored, grab a few laughs and get back to whatever I was doing.

    However, you can't deny Soviet Azumanga and that I will always love you piece are the shitntz. :p

  9. Maybe it's the BSG equivalent of a pitot tube?


    It is a third cannon, and it can be seen firing in every episode a Viper Mk. VII fires (specially in 33, when they shoot the Olympic Carrier) but Scar.

    Dunno, maybe they're saving ammo. After all, it looks like with aces, two shots are as good as three for shooting down a Raider.

  10. I say keep it. Unusually small, big guns, engines that make up roughly half of the fuselage, it IS a fighter packing a light bomber punch. Would love to take it for a spin, and sure as hell would like to fight in it.

    As for the bomber, would like to propose a name, how about Prospero? It's a bigger version of Merlin, and really knows how to make a storm.

  11. Guess I should listen to podcasts then  :rolleyes: 

    Ya know, looking at how well these Battlestars squared off against the Baseships one would wonder how it would have gone if the Cylons and Colonies had gone at it without the virus that crippled the fleet. I know, I know...the attack happend a long time ago, but in seeing how overwhelmed the Baseships were by an older model Battlestar and one that probably isn't exactly 100% I think there was a good chance on even terms the Cylons probably would have never attacked, let alone win. Just a thought, what do you guys think?


    Guess I should have waited until now to post my "Cylon attack was Pearl Harbor, only better" theory. And after that battle, I'm more convinced about it than ever.

    Oh, heck, I'll just link it, going back 10 pages just for this is a major no no.

    Quite a long read

  12. Didn't they use Rotoscoping for the intro to Cowboy Bebop: The Movie?

    I thought that was done pretty well.


    Actually, they did. And since it's one of the coolest opening sequencies I've seen, I'm somewhat eating my own words. But just for this one.

  13. what is rotoscope animation?


    They film somebody doing something and then the animator draws over the film, frame by frame. Good for learning pacing and fluid movements, not so good after the learning phase or developing creativity, unless you're using camera angles and movement and actions that you might as well, ehm, film somebody using and doing them.

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