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  1. Add me into that game. I also download the raw and then watch the episode with subs again, but for Frontier 25, I'm leaving the forums on Wednesday and not coming back until I've seen it, with subs (if I don't come back, I love you all guys - except KlanForever, 'cause he cannot understand us )
  2. Thaaaaaaaaaank youuuuuuuuuuu. ... although my best girl friend is going to kick my ass for removing her from my wallpaper.
  3. I'd be willing to wait one year for the last two episodes if that means Bandai Bodolzaing Harmony Gold's Macross Blockade once and for all, and coming full force with the Yack Deculture and OSTs. (...who the frak am I kidding? I can speak Spanish, so if push comes to shove, I can always download the WZF subs. No matter what happens, I win =3)
  4. Jesus, Minmei is more beautiful than ever in that picture.
  5. I proudly admit that loved everything about Streets of Fire and I'm sorry that the Tom Cody trilogy never was completed. That film just dripped style. Besides, Diane Lane was bloody smokin' in that movie. Actual guilty pleasures: Howard the Duck Splash (Daryl Hannah was the only reason I saw that movie in the first place... but I ended up kinda liking it) the later Police Academy movies (Hightower and Tuckleberry RULE) Footlose And since we are still talking about 80s movies, I have to add I just saw Say Anything for the first time last night. If anybody writes that movie down as a guilty pleasure, I'll go and castrate him. It's the second most awesome romantic movie ever.
  6. You, sir, I'm sending the Peruvian commandos after you! (I did resist to the bitter end, but the bloody killed me )
  7. "... and that's how Kawamori trolled pretty much the entire male otakudom into being unknowingly gay. /b/tards at 4chan were either distraught or utterly proud"
  8. I wonder how much more time is Graham going to take to put this on the main page. Polidread, your work is AMAZING, man! Any chance of seeing the old hand coluored Valkgirls remastered or anything? I'm still a fan of the Heartbreak Squadron VF-1, although she's a little bit to armoured for my taste
  9. Words cannot describe the calm and utterly overpowering awesomeness contained in that picture. Macross, Seven, Quarter, Frontier, go forth! EDIT: And Global is still the most badass of them all.
  10. You guys are all wrong! Two words: Colonial Movers. They DO move anywhere, you know.
  11. Si lo hicieron con Beyblade, por la Sarita que lo hagan con Frontier tambien, carajo! (that basically translates into "If they did it with Beyblade, let Holy Kawamori do it with Frontier too, dammit!")
  12. Has there ever been a double-length for an anime finale? (here's hoping it has)
  13. I know that this is not strictly character art (at all), but we don't have a kira thread, and, DAMN!
  14. Subs, baby! I'm blessed with the ability of (usually) being able to read a proper subtitled release (sentences long enough to not having to look down every three seconds, but short enough to be able to read them in a second at most) and imagining the characters speaking in whatever language the sub is with their own voices, so I don't really need dubs. Besides, if I care enough for a movie or series to get it in its original language, I'm sitting down and watching it instead of just putting it on and going to do something else with it as background noise.
  15. Shoji Kawamori, death by Valkyrie engine blast. Now, for me the most GAR deaths on Macross were also the most violent and most memorable: Guld and Michel. All things considered, neither the decapitated guy in DYRL, the failed sniper in Frontier, nor Ivanov in Zero really suffered a long time. Guld and Michel... well, they were conscious enough time to really grasp what was going on and still kept on going (besides, there are few things more shiver inducing that watching an eyeball pop by sheer pressure).
  16. akt_m, as far as I'm concerned, your remix sounds bloody pimp. What did you do to the original? I know it is and feel it different, but I can't put my finger (or ear) on it.
  17. That's... bloody bad (in a good and gory horror movie scene sense)
  18. Now, it might be only me, but isn't the perspective on her breasts kind of odd?
  19. Quadrono 639 and Macross VO? A special figure by Yamato for her? Jeezus, I knew that she was a showoff, but that's Kakizaki level, dammit!
  20. Now THAT's one I didn't remember at all. And, I mostly don't, now that I think about it. Care to elaborate? And while we're at it, I do remember having emailed Edo a couple of times. He was kind of cool when talking about stuff that had nothing to do with Macross (he was a fellow Final Fantasy VII and Digimon fan - don't ask, I was still back in school then). I don't remember what caused his ultimate demise from the forums, though.
  21. Spoiltagged for graphic imagery about what happens to an unprotected wounded body in space (it is technical, but better safe than sorry). ... You DON'T want to see Michael after he went out of that hole on the wall. Surviving vacuum with an intact body is entirely possible. Surviving vacuum with serious bleeding wounds and the torso open... ain't happening. Unless the VF-27's cockpit doubles as a fully complemented and overstaffed ER room that captured and repressured him the second after the wall closed and he was out of sight, it ain't happening. He is gone, people.
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