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  1. you have the wrong size for the iphone.... you might want to reconsider the size to 320 x 480 px.
  2. running on a dell 24" monitor - yup! i am calling that the standard size for all monitors =P
  3. hell yea! thanks =) going to make it my wallpaper!
  4. looking forward to SMS winterboard =) i hope it would be more console like. meaning not using people's face or picture pose are icon. i am fan of naruto, but those themes out there just give me she shivers. it would make my iphone look like a 5yr old fashion or kiddie theme. i would suggest something similar to startrek LCARS interface if that is possible. see this bad@$$ theme out on nokia tablet w/ lcars thems and hope it is not lame as => http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sIzrIyPCtw4...feature=related i don't boot my iphone too often since i have bossprefs installed. but i do have a custom boot logo from mgs4 =) customized w/ my own username. see below =)
  5. sure, take a slug at it. if you want to make different alterations it! be sure to upload it for others to share. btw. there is SMS on the right side already, UPDATE: i move the logo slightly up to adjust to the iphone screen lock view. so everyone please update your wallpaper for the tweak =)
  6. this is one cool sms logo! can i get a 1000x1000 resolution file? i might want to put this on the backside of my jacket.
  7. all right! this is for all the iphone users out there.... still waiting to unlock iphone 3g through software =(
  8. can someone here patch (photoshop) this sucker up w/o the stop label? i like this one because it is proportional in the middle section also apply the text style below, that way it spoofs up pretty good =) the style tutorial is available here: http://psdtuts.com/text-effects-tutorials/...s-from-scratch/
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