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  1. Hi, Can anyone recomment some good shops for Macross models in London? I am interested in Hasegawa model kits. Thank you in advance.
  2. Found this just now: http://sonicmodel.com/topicdisplay.asp?topicid=1441850 http://www.actoys.net/bbs/read.php?tid=105393 (it is in chinese, but you don't have to understand the text to be impressed) I am speech less. This is the second amazing project I saw today (the first one is wm cheng's 1:1).
  3. I have been search for this, if anyone know where to get one or have one that they are willing to sell, please contact me. I am also looking for good quality replacement decal for the MG2 (anyone have a high quality scan of the decal that they can share ?), any pointer will be appreciated. Cheers
  4. You are a lucky guy Brian. I am dreaming to have a 1/48 transformable MG2. Once again your work turn out great, if I need to do any paint removal, I will definately try to get a few tips from you. Thank you for the encouragement. I am still waiting for the MG2 decal. Anasazi is probably very busy, so it will be a while before I start my MG2 project. I am currently struggling with my sv-51 build. It is my first real model, so I am learning as I go along. Progress is very slow, I am too busy preparing for the working trip to Japan next week. Any luck with the visor removal ? cheers
  5. Good job. Transformable MG1 and 2. WoW! If my attempt at an 1/72 MG2 build turn out crap, maybe I will buy a 1/48 Yamato and do what you did. I remember that you use rattle can for the MG1, are you still using those for the MG2? The transparent headshield looks great.
  6. A bit off topic, sorry. Most of the people here had been Macross fan, model builder and member of this forum for so long that it can be a bit intimidating for new comer like myself. Some of my posts had been ignored. But as Brian (GutsAndCasca) said, don't just give up yet.
  7. Just wacthed part b and c. The VA for Mao is great but Sara's one is a bit lacking, in my opinion. I hope Mao's VA will get well soon and complete the recording. I can imagine that finding the right VA is taugh. Do you have special setup to do the recording? If not, then you could get people from "the net" to be your VA. cheers
  8. Great effort Hikuro. I like the voice acting of shin's co-pilot (edgar ?). He is good. I find the switching between voice over radio to "present" is very good (or from speaking without and with the face mask), especially just before the dog fight. It is a bit "over done" at some later part, I feel. Keep up the good work. I have not seen the whole thing (or what is available), but somhow I find that the projected character of Shin is not a good fit to the original japanese voice actor and the character in the story (sorry Hikuro, only my subjective judgement). Actually the mis-match of character is the one big reason I stay away from dubed anime. I know is not an easy problem to solve. cheers
  9. kkx


    jorawar_b, www.hlj.com had it in stock last I checked. Is there any reason that it should not be consider a good source? Never brought from them, but planning to do so soon. If there is any trouble, appreciate it if someone can let me know. I am visiting tokyo next week. If time permit I might pick up one of this kit for you (if you like). But I think hlj can do it with less hassle. cheers
  10. Opps! (I am obvious too new here....) thanks for poiting that out. Will check it out. cheers
  11. Me too. It will be great if anyone can help repost those scans. Thanks.
  12. Hi HWR, I been lurking here for quite a while and I love all the tank I saw from you. I wish I have the skill to build something half as goods as yours. If I know where you live I will crash in to steal/rob all your tank. I have just started on a SV-51 gamma (nora) kit myself. It is my first kit and it is not going well.
  13. Hi all, I am new here [first post ]. I wonder if anyone here know if it is possible to buy one of these limited edition kit. The Hasegawa 1/72 VF-1S Minmay Guard Battroid was sold out everywhere (not suprising since it is no longer in production). Any hint will be appreciated. Found a few on offer for 3800 yen in yahoo.jp but they will not ship oversea (and trying to become a member of yahoo.jp is a big pain). I am visiting Tokyo in two weeks time, so I can try to drop by any shop there, but I have very limted time for shopping on this working trip. Can probably only go to shop for one of the evening. Thank you in advance
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