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  1. Yeah wish the one I built looked that good! Your job on the kit makes it look bigger than it really is....awesome!
  2. I usually go straight to styrene with lacquers. I've never used a primer. I use Gunze Sangyo colors. As far as dissolving glue....I really have no idea.
  3. Gorgeous kit, man! The Phalanx has always been my favorite of all the destroids....you have really done it justice! BRAVO!!
  4. I have to concurr.....there is very little painting that needs to be done on this kit, and the decals are awesome. The cockpit is probably the most intensive area, with the pilot beint the most demanding. This kit was actually a sheer joy to build and I am ecstatic with it's turn out. I encourage you to give it a try and simply post here if you have any questions.
  5. I would definitely pick Ozama's first, then grab Alto's shortly thereafter. I'va always been a Focker fan, and Ozama's has his color scheme.
  6. Thanks for the great links to preorder! Ooooooooooooh, I'm gonna dump a LOT of money! LMAO!!!!
  7. Thanks Graham....sorry I didnt catch the previous posts. I thought it was a little fishy, but I knew all of you would know what was goin on
  8. I have found a VF-25 (ozama) for sale on ebay....it is from a hong kong seller and is stated to be available for shipment 30 days from purchase...is this for real? Are the Bandai figures being released that soon?
  9. I have been searching and have found wallpaper selection for Macross F is very slim....anyone found or made some good ones?
  10. A little off-topic: I was hoping someone could shed a little light on this.....I have gotten the Macross F OST CD but it did not include a backstage pass ticket which I have seen in several places online. Was the backstage pass a promo or was it supposed to be included with all copies?
  11. I am in complete agreeance....this CD is absolutely awesome! (And it made an incredible Father's Day present!!! ) My wife laughs her head off as I try to learn the lyrics to the SMS song....she's been stuck with a Macross fanatic for 25 years now!!
  12. LOL! I used to do the same thing till I realized I was destroying my boxes taking them in an out. Now, when you walk into my house, the first thing you see are 3 glass shelves, one 6 ft and two 2 ft, with my entire collection displayed. I have an armored VF1J wall scroll as a backdrop. The cool thing is being able to tell people about Macross when they ask.
  13. My mouth is watering for VF25's in battroid mode...especially an armored ozama special! If they are produced, I'm gonna spend a ton!!!!
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    my Macross model and figure collection, started in 1983
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