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  1. I... I believe in the power of courage! Guy is not alone!
  2. Oh gosh... Guy vs Master Asia... But with the power of Courage along with the G-Stone...
  3. I like Macross an' Roy and all, but Guy would take my vote.
  4. I liked the music used in DYRL quite a bit. And I don't know if its because I haven't had the opportunity to pick up the rest of the TV, but several plot points in DYRL draw to me more.
  5. Garr... Voting for Focker over here. And I still find it somewhat stupid how Kyon beat out Ramba Ral AND Nanaya. Aside from Roy, I'll be voting for Guy[GaoGaiGar] GAR.
  6. Same here. I liked VFX-2 a lot, aside from the last stage on the hardest setting. ;_;
  7. Well, they say "You learn something new everyday.", right? But hey, I like mecha as a whole. Very enjoyable genre, obviously. >_> But yeah, juggling watching new mecha series between Kamen Rider series is tough, on top of other things.
  8. I like Kawamori's designs, but then again, I'm an easy-to please person. My favorite designs by him would have to be the YF-19, VF-11, Terminus 606R, among several others. Okawara isn't that bad, but I wouldn't exactly say his designs are all that great either... (Yes, Strike Freedom, I'm looking at you.) My favorites of his works would have to be Gundam X Divider, GaoFighGar, Genesic GaoGaiGar, and the Gundam Astray Blue Frame Second L, among some others I can't think of off the top of my head. I like Hajime Katoki's designs quite a bit as well, my favorite design from him definitely being the Hückebien Mk-III. But yeah, in general, I'm a rather easy guy to please. Kawamori, Katoki, and Okawara all make a number of designs I like quite a bit.
  9. Well, technically, couldn't you say Max's VF-1 got like, insignificant amounts of screentime with the Minmay Story thing?
  10. Forgot about Max's, though Milia's appears for several episodes and eventually gets wrecked by Gamlin, IIRC.
  11. I personally find all of them very nice, though my favorites would have to be either Remember 16, Holy Lonely Night, or Angel Voice. Still, My Friends does occasionally get its "random song want to listen to" urge.
  12. I beat it earlier this year, before summer... God, all I can remember was that the last boss, I did not like.
  13. Don't look under DYRL. Just type in Macross on the GameFAQs search engine and choose the only one under the PS2.
  14. I just assumed that the Varauta peeps just got in through some sort of maintenance airlock.
  15. I could understand. Still, GaoGaiGar is an awesome series. And there's nothing like watching J pull off J-Der Hell and Heaven with the Silverion Hammer. Its like a friggin toy mallet in his hand, and he has to kneel down to make the finishing blow. XD
  16. Current favorite SR is Genesic GaoGaiGar from GaoGaiGar FINAL. U_U Fuel rods for hair is win.
  17. SRW is awesome. Now if only they'll put FMP! and Gundam Wing in the same game...
  18. My point about impractical technology was that is can be easily overlooked as long as the other parts of the story are appealing. Not really. Even if you have a good story, some people just CAN'T accept that RahXephon reset the world with an egg as the visualization. Seriously. >_> Not so much "stupid" as it was ridiculous which what I found the story to be. I didn't find any of it logical, believable or entertaining. Themes may be the same, but as you stated the execution was off. Logic... Giant robots were impractical in the first place. And actually, the idea of music having an effect on people is applied IRL as well. Music Therapy. Ever hear of it? Probably not. And for the record, giant humans might not even be able to stand up with that sort of structure. *points at old movies with oversized insects* They couldn't stand if you blowed them up to those dimensions. Believable... Since when were giant robots that can transform, ships that Fold large distances, and one girl having a concert in the middle of a fight and not told to shut up believable? The fact that you didn't puke when seeing the VF-0S transform to Battroid Mode in Macross Zero surprises me. If I was going by common "logic", I'd think that those legs would've fallen off, with a joint that thin. Entertaining... Well, I don't know about you, but I found it rather entertaining. Music is a fun thing, and I like music a lot. If you want to talk about plot... Well, different people like different things. I didn't go in expecting to see something based off of a predecessor plot. I just went in hoping to see a good series, and seriously, I found it to be as such. If you didn't... Well, not every series is for everyone. At first, I got a migraine at the kiddieness of ZZ Gundam's beginning, but really, by the end of the series, it turned out fine. But I end up liking a lot of the series I watch. Only ones I were upset with were Gundam SEED Destiny.(YES, I found Gundam Wing to be enjoyable, and no, I don't like the idea of Duo boning Heero. =_=; Favorite series is GaoGaiGar FINAL.) Battle 7 Transforming = Win. Needed more rocket punches though. Would've loved to see them Protodevlin going "WTF?" as a flight deck shot into one of their ships.
  19. Well... As much as I liked the original series and whatnot, I still found Macross 7 and its sequels to be nice. But then again, I'm a rather easy-to-please person. Personally, I think what most of the people who completely bash it lack the sort of mentality that one grows after watching various types of mecha. I mean, seriously, giant robots moving like such were pretty impractical in the first place, and I dont think that expecting too much is exactly the best thing to approach anime with. I mean, the first time I encountered Macross 7, I previewed the first episode and was like, "OMG, WTF IS THIS?", and ended up deleting it. But after figuring that "Mecha are impractical in general. Just watch it for the series it is, not for the series you WANT it to be." A lot of anime is impractical, and I would have to attribute the development of that mentality from watching GaoGaiGar, which I was really "WTF?!?"ed by, but due to encouragement from friends and eventually growing on it, I came to like it very, very much. I watched Macross 7 again recently, and instead of the initial "OMG, WTF IS THIS?" reaction I had a couple of years before, I found that I somewhat enjoyed the series. And really, I personally prefered the plot a lot more than Gundam SEED Destiny, which I personally think was a great anime starting off, but due to issues with the scriptwriter, ended up as a train wreck. And please, this is anime. God kills a catgirl for all discussions that apply physics to anime. Please. Think of the catgirls.
  20. Well, I personally found it easier to hit the Gunship if you approach from the front. Don't fly where the beam is charging, or its instant death. The best way is to attack from the front, slightly above the Gunship. Spam missiles, switch to Gerwalk, and spam more missiles. Just don't stay in one place or the suckers swarm you to death. I didn't really like that stage much.
  21. I'm going down to AX. Can we bring in our own model kits if we wanted to work on those instead? I've never actually painted any of my models before. Heck, most of the few I have so far are poorly made.
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