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  1. My appreciation to @Arthurius for flexibility and speed on shipping, careful packing and great communication. Thank you!
  2. "Terrific" comes to mind. I vividly remember a Zentraedi saying "deculture" in DYRL when after crashing head first into a building he sees Minmay running away while holding hands with her agent. The translation was "That's Horrible". It makes sense that it became a common expression and it's meaning changed over time. Eventually it found it's way into a restaurant jingle.
  3. He asked opinions for either 1/48 or 1/60 specifically. That's why nobody mentioned 1/55. Besides, it's not like 1/48s are impossible to live with. I find mine sturdy enough to handle and nice enough to display.
  4. Sorry, I never watched Mac7, so I wouldn't know.
  5. A "bridge bunny" is any girl that works with Captain Global up there in the SDF-1 bridge. Since Misa and Claudia stand out on their own right, the bridge bunnies are Shammy, Vanessa and Kim.
  6. I panel lined and stickered the only valk I have, which is on display. As for which ones I buy, I'd like to buy only the one's I like, but alas that's easier said than done. It's a pain to import them over here because of a dang taxes war. Whishlist, A second VF1-S DYRL? (one for display and one as a beater) VF1-A Max VF1-J Stealth VF1-J in Valk White, might as well be Hikaru's, I'm not a fan of his though. VF0-S (I like the paintscheme) VF0 -A (I like this head better that the S) And that's about it (still over $1,000.00 so not a small amount) Luckily I'm not a huge fan of fast packs so maybe I'd buy only one for the sake of display.
  7. It is! The Angelbirds are the UN Spacy demonstration team and fly the VF-1 as seen on Episode 1 "Booby Trap" of the original Macross TV Series. Minmay Guard 1 and 2 paint schemes along with Low vis 1 & 2, and stealth are the ones that started as unofficial. some by fans and some by Yamato (I think) Hope this helps. P.S. do a search on minmayguard, there are a couple threads that discuss the origin of the scheme and the intended story behind it.
  8. I voted Fighter because I've always liked combat aircraft from all eras. My favourite as a kid was the Fokker DR1. The thing I liked about Robotech the most as a kid was the VF-1 (Second was Misa!), and its ability to transform into a robot just blew me away, but to me they always were fighters that could turn into robots. G mode means little to me, just a minor feature that comes handy every once in a while. And not one that's particularly easy on the eye.
  9. Ah.. Heckler und Koch Maschinenpistole Fünf. Sehr gut!
  10. About the gunpod and missiles if any are included, In case of an emergency, real life Blue Angels can be reverted to full combat operational status in a matter of hours. This means that all combat avionics and equipment including armament are fitted within that time, and of course paint is not a priority, so in that case the F-18s would join the fight in full Blue Angels colours. Missiles, external fuel tanks, LANTIRNs and whatever they would carry are obviously not match painted.
  11. yup Imagine if they redid macross with that level of animation.... drool. 415486[/snapback] Remake of DYRL with that quality? YES! I'd be all over that! big time! BTW here's the clean opening of that PSX game: Macross DYRL Opening (Sony Playstation)
  12. Well, If I remember correctly (been a longtime) That's kinda what happens in DYRL, right? In order to kill Kamjin he shoots trough himself or something to that effect. or at least that's what I recall. Can somebody tell me how Roy dies in DYRL with some degree of detail?
  13. Yeah, Give Misa a chance. If not nearly naked (Out of character maybe) then at least a Misa in Mars flightsuit.
  14. You have seen her! You have the original macross TV series, she appears there in the chapter "Viva Maria" (I believe). In that chapter she's only a baby though. Her full name is Komilia Maria Jenius.
  15. It looks great! very nice custom. And congratulations on your wedding!
  16. Hey! Very nice! MG2 is the one I like best of these two. The clear heatshield came out great and is something I had not come across. Nice touch and very imaginative on your part. Keep it up!
  17. Thanks all for a warm welcome! And thanks to those who have offered help via PM. Hopefuly I'll be able to sneak some steady money for this. At least until the kids come. (Then I'll use them as a pretext to buy some more, for the kids, you know?... Yeah right!)
  18. Hi guys, I'd like to introduce myself, I'm from Mexico and I have just gotten a 1/48 Roy after reading a lot about Yamatos over here (lurker!) because of some lucky shot. I'd like to thank Graham for the transformation videos, they made the first transformation a lot easier, and thanks everybody for the heads up on BP-8! Needless to say, I'm hooked and looking for ways to expand my collection, specially with 1/48 (easier said than done as I'm married and just bought a house, no kids yet though) Thanks for all the help you gave me (even without knowing) just by sharing your experiences and opinions here. I'm seeking some advice on purchasing more goods during a trip I'll make to Rochester, Minnesota. here's the link and please drop a line if you can! Where to buy Macross stuff while in Rochester Later!!
  19. Hello guys! This is the deal, I'll spend 3 weeks (jul 9 - jul 29) on a bussiness trip to Rochester, Minnesota. Mexico is my home country and I can't find any good stuff locally, therefore my Macross collection is limited to just all 9 AnimEigo DVD's and a 1/48 Roy a good friend of mine was kind enough to haul for me all the way from Akihabara, big box and everything. (I know, I owe him big). Oh! and Macros Plus DVD's (OVA and Movie Edition) I'ts sad, I know, But I see this trip as a chance to correct this and so I'd like to ask your advise on where to find some Macross Stuff Around Rochester. If I can land another 1/48 Roy and a 1/48 stealth I'll be more than satisfied. I'm aware a 1/60 VF-0is a long shot. Asidefrom that, a set of those toynami 1/100 that come in packs of 3 would be nice for my desk. I know Minneapolis (Mall of America) is close to Rochester and will go there, I just don't know if there are any stores that carry Yamato. Twin Moons is another option I am considering. I buy when I arrive, and take delivery at the hotel. But I don't know what they'll have in stock at the time - Is this plan flawed? will the goods make it on time? Please reply with your thoughts and they'll be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
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