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  1. I have by backup set PO'd through them. Haven't heard anything yet.
  2. My wife would "pass though" when I was watching and she asked me with an inquisitive tone "Why aren't there aliens in this one?". I speculated it was for budget reasons.
  3. Thanks for the input. I really like the anime look of the Arcadia (only seen it in pics). I hear what you're saying on the critiques. I do like the newer Bandai stuff a lot too.
  4. I was under the impression that the latest Arcadia YF-19 was great (I only have the Bandai). Is it less than awesome for some reason? All I have heard is good things. I've even considered replacing my Bandai's.
  5. Interestingly I though something was a little off with ep. 5. It seemed to have lost something. Then watched two more today. They were "off" too. Then I noticed Tim Burton only directed the first four episodes.
  6. And release one painted like Jetfire I PO'd one. No idea where I'm going to put it...............................
  7. Well, that escalated quickly! I have no idea where I would put this monster. But I want one! It's up on BBTS
  8. The wife and I watched 5 episodes of Wednesday last night. It's GREAT! They absolutely nailed Wednesday and the feel is 100% Tim Burton. The only negative is the completely unnecessary, clumsy, shoe horned and eye rolling "the message" moments jammed in. They yank you right out of the viewing experience. They're just so clumsy. Moments of really bad writing in a sea of excellent work. "The message" can be done correctly. This is not one of those times. They're like stubbing your toe.
  9. I know I won't shut up about it. But I just watched the most recent episode of The Peripheral and holy smokes is this show good!
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