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  1. Looks like okini has a page up https://okini.land/en/23368-dx-chogokin-vf-1d-valkyrie-bandai-spirits.html
  2. Have a set from the last run (think it was the last one) and they are great. Thanks for making them available again.
  3. Can confirm Roy's arrival yesterday from NNG. Was part of the 225 group.
  4. We may have been of the same batch (paid $225 as well) got my email from them around 11:30 east coast time. Its already tracking in FedEx app.
  5. I had 5 separate surface shipments go out between 5/29 and 6/26. the quickest one took 2 months, the slowest just shy of 3. I'm going to average them out and vote 2-1/2 months.
  6. Amen to that! (me being anti NY) To stay on topic. My Kaz arrived at my freight forwarded. I'm guessing it wont ship till to the US till mid/end of the week.
  7. Got nothing on EMS but I received a package today that shipped ferry on 5/28. So at least for this package ferry/surface seems to be unhindered.
  8. Thanks for the share - something to remember when considering getting one.
  9. Awesome - Glad it worked out.
  10. @yami4ct I'd seriously considering getting it 3D printed then.
  11. Although securing a replacement part might be difficult / impossible if you had a caliper to take measurements it be very easy to model and 3D print a replacement. It may take a couple of trials to get the angle/slope of the back facing of the leg but there's things you can do to mitigate. Biggest issue I see would be getting the print material to match the color of the rest of the plastic but at least it would be functional. You would have to basically eye a white paint mixture that matched, unless someone has already figured the right paint brand/mix ratios to get a match,
  12. Don't think so. More likely some people got in on the $180's
  13. Same here on HLJ as I got back from PP screen.
  14. nin-nin back up slightly higher price https://www.nin-nin-game.com/en/japanese-import-bandai-dx-chogokin/37995-dx-chogokin-macross-vf-1s-valkyrie-roy-focker-special.html
  15. Up top where it says language / currency
  16. @sqidd If getting one thats painted is a must try here. A lot of the BSG cosplayers buy from this site. http://www.alchemyarms.com/product_p/bsg-prop-002.htm
  17. Yep on both. The more visible one is from original series. the other one is from the re-imaged series was the standard colonial sidearm that they started using from season 2 till the end of the show (its a FN FiveseveN pistol). The slug/grenade launcher was present where you see a little of the accessory rail under the barrel. You can see a tiny bit of mine in the pic. Its the grey part (just above/next to the pistol) that I need to paint black before mounting it. Eventually I'll get to it - Too many projects, not enough time. :P
  18. I love them as you can see by the pics - still waiting on my Mk III to arrive. I'd recommend them to any fan of the series.
  19. That's super news!
  20. I think it will still make it there. The person delivering may scratch there head for a sec seeing the "Cho" - ward subsection listed after the block #(42) and building number #(4) but should still make sense of it all.
  21. @lavinrac Was that via UPS or Ferry? if UPS how much did they charge? if you dont mind my asking.
  22. Thanks to the advice here I kept sending a new request ticket after every denial and Dr. No finally said yes. It only took 5 tries! This is YN so it will still be a year+ before anything gets shipped. :P @VF-Zer0S Is that $33 to upgrade a DX SPP to UPS from NY?
  23. Similar to the SAHRA I'll check there for the item or similar one but take the dimensions/weight and plug those in to JP Post, DHL, Etc. It wont give you pricing at the negotiated rate that some shippers may have but is still gives me adecent idea of the cost. I have placed an order and in the comments section ask to check for lower shipping pricing. In April just before most shipping options shutdown I ordered an item from Nagoya and put in DHL as method of shipping but made a note asking to check EMS "Please check shipping cost via EMS. If less expensive than DHL please change method. Thank You". It was a somewhat small item so I figured it could go either way between DHL or EMS. When they replied back with the order confirmation / invoice they had notated in the notice section - NOTICE: EMS 3300, DHL 4350, Air small packet 2355, Air postal parcel 4200 And was invoiced for EMS shipping. I may have gotten lucky in having someone go the extra mile for me checking pricing cost so YMMV. This may not be helpful under current conditions but may prove useful when EMS and other options become available again.
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