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  1. Is hobby genki a reliable shop? Looks like they want payment up front and would hate to deal with another ninnin.


    (searching the forums looks like people have had good enough experiences with them. I'll give them a shot, thanks guys!)

  2. 14 minutes ago, Slave IV said:

    The payment is just facilitated by PayPal. The money from your cc went to the shop and will be refunded from the shop. Either way, PayPal doesn’t seem to give a crap because they just want anyone to use them as much as possible. 

    Lol, ok thanks for the insight @Slave IV, that gives me hope. In any case, I'll give nin-nin a little more time before going down this road as I hate having to deal with cc companies.

  3. 10 minutes ago, Slave IV said:

    You can definitely go through your credit card company. I’d say to just wait but wouldn’t blame you for getting your money back. The one time I ordered from nin-nin, they never sent my item. I waited until a couple months after the release date to inquire with them about it. They never responded to anything and I gave them several weeks to respond each time. So, got my money back and have never shopped there again.

    I'm mainly concerned a dispute through my CC may damage my relationship with paypal. I'm not sure how it would all go down, and who would 'foot' the bill in the end. 

  4. So I rolled the dice with Nin Nin Games again with the VF-1D as they came through with flying colors on my Roy. Unfortunately this time around things arn't looking good. I opened up a ticket asking on the shipping status only to have it be closed a day later with no response.  I waited a week later, then sent another ticket in only to be told they have 'thousands' of orders and they'll get to mine when they get to mine. 

    Seeing how preorders happened in Dec and the release date was after paypal's 6 month protection window, I'm wondering what recourse I have, if anything.  Anyone have any luck pushing a dispute directly through their CC company for a purchase made through paypal ?

  5. Thanks for the heads up Chava, but I was looking for something more in collector grade condition. The 'burnt, main item heavily damaged' portion doesn't give me any warm fuzzies lol.

  6. Looking for a Yammy Low Vis Urban Armor set. Paying well, pm me for details thanks!


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