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  1. Finally got the Garland! This figure is frakking FANTASTIC! can not wait to grab the hargun!
  2. What i find most interesting is about this Pluto(?) is the fact it's canonizing RTM's use of the fighter, Having a Hargun serve as a cockpit and as an escape mechanisim. Idk if that WAS a concept explored for Part 1, and was only made use of in RTM, or if it was a unique thing done for RTM just to have a similar moment to Hikaru in his VF-1D. But its nice to see more of the Fighter and Garland compatibility, since the Garland itself is a multi-use terminal. So it being used for piloting Larger craft dose make sense, and also Thematically matches the use of the Flaggar as a Hargun transport.
  3. youre kidding me?? i assume at least the MH had them considering the hatches look like they could open up, no wonder i couldent find a review that showed them
  4. Kits has stolen this design from a piece of fan art afaik, witch is unfortunately common for 3P's with the RT license
  5. sad that this release is so poorly done, not bothering to ask TMS for a rescan, just the old terrible JP bluray masters, with all grain and scratched scrubbed, an absolutely terrible way to release a show
  6. so incredibly hyped for the hargun! Despite me not owning Arcadia's Garland (yet.) I plan to get 2 of them, and paint one up as the Space Combat ver, as i really love that varaint, and the spotlight it got for Robotech The Movie's ending! Really interested in the trailer, hopefully that's getting produced, but considering its still a prototype model, i kinda doubt that (someone mentioned it a few pages back not getting produced but i'm not sure if that's true or not, if so 😥). Wonder if we'll ever get the Flaggar for this, that would be really fun to see, hell maybe the pluto fighter!
  7. this is frakking amazing! id LOVE to build one of these for myself, any idea what he used? (ps i am new to modeling), but still this is brilliant! id love to build one that could hold a 1/60 but that would be difficult with mounting (possibly a metal cradle? that has faux super armor that reaches under the arms with it's frame?)
  8. Most likely a 1D, but i prefer DYRL valks over TV, so i may pick up a max instead, that or a CM's Legioss tho both it and the aoshima have issues so im not sure witch to go with tbh.
  9. Ever since ive gotten my 1J im in love with the 1/60s, ive been waiting to have these babies since 2008!
  10. A tv macross? is that the one that needs t obe taken apart? id love more info on that, btw love the use of the CM's figures, i realy need to pick up a hikaru and Fockker
  11. Was that VFactory regult ever produced? im seriously interested in that
  12. Hey, looking for Subs for DYLR, Macross II and Flashback 2012, i have the bandai emotion DVD releases, anyone knowwhat the best sub options are? (also looking for Mospeada love live alive subs, got the ADV set that didnt have it included)
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