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  1. Hahahahaha Nice One! Btw. I figured out, minutes ago, theres f...ing 4 of them. Oh my.. Let the searching begin
  2. Really like it I think i would transform it into a necklace Or lucky charm in my car!
  3. I think i am gonna leave it like it is. But who knows, maybe someday.
  4. Thanks for the fast answer.It includes everything, so it's the end Price and all i have to Pay. Hmm, but i am really not sure if i should cop or drop
  5. Hey guys, Short question... How much would you Pay for an Factory sealed VF-1D ? This is just an Photo i found in the net, but exactly this one. I could buy one for 100$ Thanks
  6. What a great picture 👍 And i don't think i will ever sell one of Mine Instead i will work on get a few more
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