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  1. 1 minute ago, jeniusornome said:

    So fast! Thank you @DewPoint he had a pair of left connectors, so now we're both going to be complete. :)


    Awesome that you got sorted so quickly.

  2. Given how closely held the Infinity War/Endgame stuff there was no viable way for them to really do anything to integrate with it. Even the 5 year time skip was kept secret so they couldn't really sync up with that either. You could argue they ended up in an alternative timeline after the time shenanigans last season pretty safely, anyways.

  3. Mark 7 is definitely peak Iron Man for me, movie wise. The mk 3, mk 6, mk 7, and the mk 45 was the last one I bothered buying. I'm still grabbing up all the War Machine figures since they're my sort of bulky armored machine jam. At least the mk 85 seems to have some bulk back to it unlike the bodysuit mk 50.

  4. I skipped on the original VF-4 but if they do Max and Millia ones I'm down for those. No clue were I'd PUT them but I'd be down for 'em.

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