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  1. I can't recall any backers wanting more detail. I guess it's possible, but my recollection is that it was driven by non-gamers and Kevin Siembieda, who still has no clue about miniatures vs models. And that the overwhelming response to the high part count was negative when first proposed.
  2. There are multiple things that should have been made as one part. Like the spartan arms, almost every leg and foot assembly, that tiny canopy cover for the battloid, that tiny thing on the phalanx, that other piece on the phalanx, the Vf-1 head variations, the hips of the destroids...
  3. That was informative. Thanks. I look forward to the updates on M3.
  4. Seto, is there a site that lists the MW output of the MII VF engines? I'm not seeing it on M3, Sketchley's, or Macross Compendium.
  5. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/rrpgt/robotech-rpg-tacticstm/posts/1022972
  6. Outlook poor. There are reports from all over that the products that are out on shelves aren't moving.
  7. For real. But I think that is what PB thought they were getting by partnering with Ninja Division.
  8. Whoa...whoa...whoa. What have I posted that would lead you to believe I am a true believer? I wasn't playing Battletech when the unseens were still seen, and while I had backed it originally to use the minis with PB's Robotech RPG, I have no intention of using that game system at this time. In any case there is still a sizable number of people who bought in to play the wargame itself, some of whom are actually playing it. But, yes, I think in at least one of the updates it was implied or stated that some of the early delays were caused by HG taking their sweet time reviewing everything. But t
  9. Because Kevin and his crew had no clue that there is a difference between wargaming miniature and multipart model, also "mouthwatering detail."
  10. I don't even think I'm going to bother with using mine.
  11. There have been frequent complaints about the fragility of antennae and small guns on the regults. They are such a pain to assemble that I have had the starter box since Oct 28 last year and only have assembled four. Unlike other multi-part minis I have assembled, the contact points between limbs and body are all smooth, so unless you like pinning and greenstuffing your minis, I'd avoid these. The included instructions are also garbage. https://goo.gl/photos/45HhoCLc4J5wV5e46
  12. They can be adamant about not breaking the terms of the service, but they have broken at least the portion about not spamming, and it is arguable whether they are making a good faith effort in keeping the backers in the loop. If their further extension of allowing backers to order Gencon exclusives, and continual hawking of them, is any indication, I think they might have blown through a sizable amount of the $1.4 million.
  13. All of them. It was something of a way to denote closness between him and other characters.
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