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  1. A great addition to any collection! Nice pick up! (and hope things are well in the Great White North from your "Southern neighbor" in Buffalo,NY!)
  2. Reverse Engineering is a whole different, and no less a creative, skill set! Looking forward to seeing the finished build!
  3. That is VERY Nice! and really some great creativity on the distinct rounding of the HUEY. And are those old school frosted slope pieces? COOL!
  4. That's just very cool! Nice work!
  5. Okay, that is one of the most epic MOC's I've ever seen!!!!!
  6. Appreciate the Welcome! (now there's more reasons to like this forum!)
  7. Wait, there's a Lego thread???!?!?!!!? How did I miss this?
  8. The nostalgia factor is high, but dammit, I'm a sucker for nostalgia! Keanu's got John Wick and Matrix money so hopefully he's doing this for the fans. Excellent!
  9. G4, and it's earlier incarnation of Tech TV, were one of the first platforms that really looked at gaming with a, dare I say, serious?, eye. Used to love it! And Sessler, between the obligatory comedy bits, gave some really good insight. Intrigued to see where they go with this!
  10. This is an amazing collection and FANTASTIC customization!!! And dare I say it, this was an incredibly educational thread, too! From the photographic composition to your kindness of sharing the details of your panel lining process, just overall wow! Thank you for sharing this on the forum!!!
  11. Ah, My dream squadron!!! Nice collection and display!
  12. Thanks for sharing that link. That's a VERY clean copy! Is that from a Blu-ray release? I've got to add that to the re-watch rotation (currently almost done with Frontier).
  13. Love those perspective shots!
  14. Oldtaku!!! That is brilliant! Can we all completely steal that phrase? I think it really sums up the Western Macross fanbase (and most Western Anime fans in general).
  15. Holy $#@! That Sauron is fantastic! Is he the build a fig with this wave? (...I'm soooooo out of loop!...)
  16. A 1/48 TV Max and Kakizaki (sorry, I think I legally have to call him, "Ben," here in the states ) would just make for a quality triumvirate of old school goodness. It would be a single head mold and a color palate swap, but the nostalgia factor may make Bandai think it a worthy investment. GREAT pics, everyone!
  17. Thank you for the intel, jvmacross!
  18. Clearly underestimated the pre-order funtacular madness. But hey, I'm the old guy dipping my toes back in the collecting waters and you young whippersnappers don't go to sleep at 8pm. Guess I'll just have to wait for round 2! (side question: what's the usual timetable on the second round? or is that demand dependent on the valk in question?) Very cool to read the previous messages and see how helpful everyone was to each other. Congrats on those that got that pre-order!!!
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