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  1. Letting 1 of my extra pre-orders go of the Sentinel Mospeada Rei from BBTS if anyone wants to jump on it pm me.
  2. kajnrig I'd be interested. I missed out all around.
  3. A big Positive for cdogbites. Great guy to deal with. Thanks and enjoy the VF-0D
  4. Kairos has landed in Las Vegas via Big in Japan Fed Ex
  5. Arrival scheduled for Wednesday via fedex from Big in Japan. Shipped Friday
  6. Just received a email from Big in Japan asking for an additional 500 yen for shipping. I paid it through paypal when 1st preorder went up so now they have it in stock and require more money. Starting to sound like Nippon wanting more now
  7. Following that SDF-1. Bump for a great guy to deal with.
  8. Did you find one? If not PM me, I have one I can sell & ship for $240. within the USA. Thanks
  9. Positive deals with Jenius selling me a VF-4G, and for both SIAQ & Seto Kaiba for purchasing from me. Thanks guys
  10. I didn't order one, just saw the listing as I was browsing & thought I'd put it up here for any takers. Glad you guys jumped on it. I did order the Kairos & that's about my budget for the month.
  11. They have 2 left of the VF-31J Kai at CDJ as I was just browsing their site.
  12. Payment sent. Thanks for working with me.
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