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    Stuff from my collection. Most is available for sale/trade.
  2. Yes that is the weatherstrip foam tape I used on all 4 of my detolfs dapro, it works pretty good on sealing the gaps between the glass around the swing open door. I followed a video on youtube posted by a collector on how he did it.
  3. Finally got mine today. Took their time! Unbox tomorrow.
  4. Mine has not left Los Angeles yet and has been there since the 30th. It took 1 day to get from Osaka to LA, I wonder what's taking so long.
  5. Paid and waiting for update from NY
  6. Received mine today from Lunar and the box is good to go, guess I was lucky.
  7. Ikea coming to town, need more detolfs of may go in for a besta. Pics looking great fellows! Wish I never got out of Macross collecting these past years since it seems to be costing me more than it should.
  8. Mine says the 14th delivery, that's pretty slow for FedEx.
  9. Shipped from NY. 1st overseas order for me. Price was very fair. Didn't want to miss out.
  10. I like it as is and wouldn't attempt to alter it for the amount it cost me. To each his own I say!
  11. This looks pretty good. I won't mind adding to the collection if the price isn't too high. Finding somewhere to display it is another thing, the wife may freak.
  12. I had the original and sold it long ago, so I'm in for this new release.
  13. Looks good, can't wait for it to be ready. These should sell well.
  14. Agree, that Ozma in Gerwalk is bad@ss! Nice pic.
  15. I prefer the Gerwalk mode on Valks, it is my fav.
  16. Late to the game here, but I am for sure ordering this. For folks here in the US, where would be the best place to order from when it does go up? Fair price and secure shipping? Thanks
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