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  1. I believe it came out in December 1991 because there are references in the next few pages to November 1991 being in the past and early 1992 not being there yet.
  2. Sorry, I've never been to Macek's gallery and haven't seen it. The only times I went to California were in 1995 and 1996 for Robocon and Anime America '96. I have this 1996 Nikaku Animart Catalog. I don't know if I have any others scanned. I still have my Books Nippan, Super Collector, and maybe some other catalogs in paper form. nikaku96.doc
  3. I don't know if this is the person who I sold it to, sorry I don't check this board all the time, but here's a high resolution scan of the Bowie, Dana, and Miriya setup. The 3 cels are from the same scene, but don’t go together. It looks they just found 3 that matched the most. This was one of my first cels I bought from a mail order service called Macross Exchange in 1995 or 1996. Alex Hwang was in Los Angeles around the time of Robocon 10 (1995), so I would think he would have had to have gotten it from Harmony Gold’s office and/or Carl Macek, maybe Macek’s cel gallery. macross_exchange2.doc macross_exchange.doc These were saved 24 years ago in MS-DOS, so Word will probably want to convert them.
  4. I don't know if this is the thread for it, but when I was on a train going to, I think it was when I went to Kyoto last year, I saw this Macross The Art sign at whatever eki this is.
  5. Thanks for watching. I just posted some new cels from Tenchi Muyou and Marmalade Boy. Also earlier this year I got a model cel from Punky Brewster, some Tenchi Muyo GXP genga, and a Sailor Tin Nyanko.
  6. I was at the Nakano Broadway Mandarake store in Tokyo last week. The prices were insane except for Tenchi Muyou! for some reason so I bought a couple of Tenchi cels (I haven't scanned them yet). I don't speak Japanese really well but I even told the guy there, joking, that my cels must be worth that much too. Some of the junk cels and faded cels are being sold as if they were the Grail. My gallery: https://marmalade.rubberslug.com (scans on page 24 of this thread)
  7. Microchamber paper, ventilation, and isolation for the vinegar syndrome and watch out for cel lines that have transferred from the cel to the sketch before you remove it so you know if it should be removed.
  8. Sure, they're here: http://marmalade.rubberslug.com/gallery/master_query.asp?SeriesID=8273 A few are from YJ, Mint in the tree from Mandarake, Aisha from eBay or YJ.
  9. Hey everyone, the last time I posted was on page 1, but I've bought these two Macross 7 cels since then and a lot more. My gallery is at http://marmalade.rubberslug.com. I love the expression on Mylene's face. Sivil is a side view, but I haven't found very many where she's smiling. I also recently bought some more Mospeada cels and traded a Robotech II cel for cels from Aozora Shoujotai/Airbats and Southern Cross.
  10. They can approach from any direction as long as it's not the direction of those 41 designs Harmony Gold's lawyers are terrified of that happen to be the things people liked about Robotech and within a budget of tree fiddy.
  11. The version of 2015 they arrived in made sense to me. It was calculated from the probabilities up to 1985. So, if the universe also skipped the time between 1985-2015, that's what 2015 would be like. It would look like a joke and the inaccuracies would increase the further into the future they went. Add back in the actual state of the universe from 1985-2015 and they could then arrive in the 2015 of their timeline.
  12. "The Best is Yet To Come!" it still says 15 years later on badly drawn fanart and repurposed pictures from the early 80s. All your art are belong to Tommy Yune and Guillermo Patiño. (that's my cel with their logo)
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