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  1. Many Thanks to Vifam7 for a solid transaction. I got a fantastic deal from a Great seller!! Very Happy with purchase!
  2. Hi there, is the VF-025F the first or second release?
  3. Hi, I"d like to pick up the CM's series 4 set. Please let me know, thank you
  4. Hello Kicker773, I'd like to buy the 1x Solid Colored Hair Minmay with Desk. How do I proceed?
  5. What type of GBP Armor is it? I'm interested if it's the 1/48 Urban Camo version.
  6. Yes TV specific. Thank you all concerned though =)
  7. Hi all, looking for a Yamato 30th anniversary TV VF-1S with option parts. Please let me know if you have one for sale. Thank you!
  8. A Huge THANK YOU to DarrinG ! Great communication throughout the process, secure and safe packaging, and best of all, the two Destroids were in Fantastic shape/condition!! Mahalo and Best Regards!! ShindeiNoUta
  9. BUMP, I am paying for USPS Priority Shipping to the 50 United States. Thanks for looking everyone.
  10. Hello Everyone, I have for sale Bandai Reissued 1/55 scale Origin of Valkyrie (released in 2008) in both Vf-1J and VF-1S versions. Only one each . Brand New and Never Opened. VF- 1J -- $120 INCLUDES USPS PRIORITY SHIPPING TO THE 50 STATES VF-1S -- $125 INCLUDES USPS PRIORITY SHIPPING TO THE 50 STATES I am on the SSL, thanks and have a great weekend folks.
  11. Hello everyone, how much would this be worth? VF-1D v2. displayed, no option parts, box in very good shape.
  12. ShindeiNoUta

    Hi-Metal R

    Many thanks for the tip about HLJ. I logged in and kept refreshing the page. I literally kept refreshing the page all afternoon but finally around 8:30 pm I was able to place a pre order for one of the Armored VF-1J.
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