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  1. ShindeiNoUta

    Hi-Metal R

    Many thanks for the tip about HLJ. I logged in and kept refreshing the page. I literally kept refreshing the page all afternoon but finally around 8:30 pm I was able to place a pre order for one of the Armored VF-1J.
  2. Looks Fantastic, I would definately be interested in getting a few!
  3. Didn't EXO create some stuff for Valkyries on Shapeways? Maybe EXO could make a grey visor to go over the white visor on the VF-1J? Pretty Please?
  4. I missed this the last time, but I won't this time! I'm also hoping for a grey goggles version...
  5. I would like for them to reissue the valk display stands. I need about 6 of them.
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