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  1. I noticed that the cockpit tub is silver - well, I don't really like the Tamiya silver - I find that the silver particles/grain is too large and especially on such a small aircraft it would liook really odd. I thought this might be the opportunity I try some of the metallizers out there. After visiting several local hobby shops - I was recommended (also it seems to be the only consistently available stuff) this UK made Alclad II Lacquer. It is already pre-thinned for airbrush use/only. I saw a sample that blew me away at the local hobby store. However, now I need a new thinner/solvent which will work with lacquers - I bought Mr. Color thinner which works with this stuff. Because its Lacquers, you need a well ventilated space and I put on a breathing mask when I airbrush this stuff - it is really fine metal paticles that I'm sure can't be healthy for you :p


  2. The other side is better aligned - but this is the part I have little patience for. Sanding and more sanding. Its the most boring part of the process, but its also the most important part - unfortunately it is usually the part that I scrimp on. They saw you should work your way up from 600 to 3000 grit - but usually I only do 600 and then maybe a rub down at 1500.


  3. Finally I had to paint several layers of Mr. Sufacer 500 over the entire seam area and let dry. Afterwards I used a 600 grit sandpaper to try to sand it off, with the rubber grips and small pieces glued to thin pieces of wood so that I can get into this tight area. What you see (light grey) that is left of the Mr. Surfacer is all the sections that don't really mate up wth the top or bottom halves.


  4. Another real trouble spot is the seam around the rear tailcones. Its in a really tight place to sand off, and off-course the fit is all that great. I snipped off all the locating pegs for the snap fit assembly to try to slide the top and bottom halves of the fuselage to try to minimize the seam gaps.


  5. What is nice about the snap together assembly is that all the major parts can be assemblied separately to allow for painting and sanding. Here is the nose section, the underside is a real "dogs-breakfast". Luckily is underneath, all the grey is Tamiya putty to seal up the large gaps due to the nature of the snap-fit construction.


  6. Okay, where were we, special thanks goes out to Shawn for this great new board - he'll be transfering the other pages to this thread so that we can have 1 complete thread for this model

    This is an easy kit to put together, not too many pieces, as you can see here, all the main assemblies is put together in 3-4 hours. The sanding and finishing is the difficult part. You can see that this kit includes a fairly detailed cockpit tub for a 1/100 scale model. I wish it were 1/72 scale - this model is a bit on the small side.


  7. I'm mostly an aircraft man - I love sleek lines. That being said, Macross has been my weak spot and I have quite a few of the older IMAI/ARII/Bandai kits purchased way back in high-school.

    I remember getting 8 boxes of that ARII 1/100 scale trasformable valkyrie for a $1.99 cdn - which is practically free in USD.

    I do try to collect 1/72 scale now with the new Hasegawas - minimum of two each (one to build right away - next 75 yrs) and one to keep and savour over time to eventually build (or be buried with). I doubt I would ever sell these kits, they are not a collection for investment - but I would love to help out in terms of scans or what ever is needed here. There might be the odd sell - but I don't even have them all in one place yet?! let alone properly inventoried after all my school moves.

    I hate only scraping to afford the Hobbbyfan re-casts then only to find out the Hasegawas put out better kits of the same things. Here's to hoping that they put out a 1/72 VF-4 before I breakdown and try to get that resin re-cast.

    Thanks again for this model section - but I still love your toy section...

  8. Hey everybody - hello, hello, hello...

    I'm back :D

    Did everyone have to re-register? I couldn't get in with my old username and password. <_<

    I sure would like to get my address book and archived PM messages back.

    Additionally, this seems like a great section to post models and such - but could someone move over my thread that I started on the 1/100 Bandai Yukikaze FRX-00 Mave. I've done a lot in the last week and would like to update it to that thread.

    Lastly, any news on Anastazi's water slide decals for the 1/48 scale toys?

    Here's a little teaser of where I am at right now.


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