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  1. Good actor. Will sorely be missed!
  2. It's been awhile since I posted here on MWF! (I signed here 12 years ago!) I used to post a lot on military.com, but that site is now dying. I see there is still a lot of activity here! Keep up the good work!
  3. I saw part of the series a couple of years ago when it came out on VHS in the USA.
  4. I know this is old news, but it looks like the new MZ never came out! What happened?
  5. Looks like it's going to be "The Last Starfighter" in name only.
  6. Well, all I can say is like all movie remakes of old TV hits, it will be make or break. Land of the Lost and Miami Vice come to mind of BREAKS. Let's see how this holds.
  7. If that's true, that's pretty f***ing lame of Paramount or the TPTB heading ST to do that!
  8. Berman or no Berman, there's a lot of expectations this new Trek flick is going to be measured up to. This is another prequel. As evidenced from the Star Wars prequels and Enterprise, it was a challenge trying to please the fans of those respective franchises. As you know, "pleased" wasn't the word. This [sTXI] will probably be a make or break for the faltered franchise.
  9. Skip it. 380664[/snapback] Gee, Jeleinen, thanks for that enlightening opinion. Do you think you could take two seconds out of your no doubt busy schedule to tell us -why- you think that? What's the point of a discussion if you just blurt out two word proclamations without any reasoning? 380688[/snapback] Actually, I didn't have time to make a longer post then. I will now though. First off, it's a completely unnecessary sequal. The end of 2 pretty much wraps things up quite well. Secondly, and even more importantly, the big reveal at the end pretty much craps all over the conclusion of 2 (trying not to spoil here, so please forgive my vagueness). If you can see it for free, it's not going to melt your brain or anything, but it's not worth going after and it's certainly not worth purchasing. 380844[/snapback] Thanks to all who took the time to respond. Like I said "mixed feelings" and (now) "it's okay" is all I've heard and those seem to be the majority. While I should form my own opinion on this MZ movie, all those opinions suggest is that it's not worth buying. Maybe a friend has a copy and I can borrow it.
  10. So is MZ PtIII worth buying? I've heard mixed feelings about it and I'm hesitant to buy a copy.
  11. My workbench? Ha! I haven't sat there in eight years --- I've been (literally) 2000 miles away from it 99% of the time! (I changed from U.S. west coast to east coast almost seven years ago. Also I got married within that time frame.) I yearn to start my hobby again!
  12. Wow! You reminded me of the injection molded model kit I bought of the drop ship many moons ago. I started it, but never finished! It's somewhere in my stash of un-built models. Now if I can only get my hands on this, I can keep postponing my completing of my plastic replica!
  13. To all of you who brought the liberal vs conservative and who hates who crap here, YOU'RE ALL FULL OF IT! This is a thread to remember the dead! Not to bring your petty bullcrap!
  14. Damn, I found out after work. It's sad. RIP James Doohan. "Here's to ya lad."
  15. It's a damn shame. I lived in San Diego for twenty one years and NOT ONCE did I attend the Comic Con! (I live in the D.C. area now.) Well, I am planning to return to S.D. permaneantly if my company sends me or if I find a new company.
  16. Yeah, the Revell Germany kits are the only ones available right now. From what I've heard, the AMT kits will hit north american shelves some time this fall. Why so late? I dunno, its just AMT's way of saying "We don't care." Thanks! Some of the local models shops (here stateside) caryy Revell Germany kits. Maybe I'll be lucky!
  17. BSG style retelling... Uh huh, you mean make MZ23 politically correct????
  18. Amen dude! There's way too many remakes in the world today, some good and many not. The prequel idea is a good one, except they have a hard act to follow. The Star Wars prequels weren't too well received, (though I personally liked them) and Enterprise was so lame (this one I tried to follow, but couldn't get into each time). I agree though, something like MZ23 shouldn't be remade, but either have a new sequel OR have a good prequel.
  19. Ahh, well, that part made it to the "Return of the Jedi" novelization by James Kahn. Also in the Kahn novelization was (a brief mention) of Anakin and Obi-wan's climactic battle over the lava. When I saw the ROTS trailers, I knew (sort of) what was to come. The ROTJ novel had Anakin actually falling into the molten pit and "clawing his way out of that fiery pool" and the change [to the dark side] being burned into him forever.
  20. U. S. Marine Corps from 1990 to 2000. U. S. Army from 2002 to present.
  21. That show rocked! Though I think some of that stuff is cheesey now, I enjoy watching any chance I can. I'll look into getting that DVD set!
  22. I can't wait to see again! I've seen every SW ep on the big screen more than once. I hope this won't be an exception!
  23. Hey thanks for the heads up! I don't have the time and space to build models. These will do just fine!
  24. I have a Darth Vader Hasbro Sith light saber. I'd like to get my hooks on one of them Masters Replicas though!
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