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  1. What other proxy do you use?
  2. At least you got it in, but now you know you're at the end of the line.
  3. Anime Export sold out now.
  4. If anyone is trying at AmiAmi and thinks they have no chance of getting it, I'd be willing to try and help since I'm sitting this one out. I've been able to get several valks on Pre-order from them so I might be able to give a decent chance (obviously not guaranteed). If you're interested, just PM me. Would need an account (you can make a new one if you prefer) that I can log into and place the order so that you can take care of the rest if its successful. Only one person, first one to PM will be the one I'll try for.
  5. Since the Yen got weaker, that's a decent price compared to what a Valk + Super parts would cost on pre-order a year or two ago.
  6. Nippon Yassan back up: http://www.nippon-yasan.com/product.php?id_product=10446 26,000 Yen still
  7. Been wanting a V2 VF-1J Hikaru for awhile. Not sure what I'll do with the armor parts, but maybe put them on once in awhile. Hope the yen stays weak until it comes out.
  8. Hey All! Here are some items I'm looking to get rid of. I've made a some previous sales on the forum, so please ask for references if necessary. All items are brand new/factory sealed unless otherwise stated. Items will ship double boxed and packaged securely. At this time, I am only shipping to the United States. Prices include Paypal invoice fees as well as a shipping estimate. If you are interested in an item, please PM me with your zip code so I can double check shipping costs (depends on your zone). At most shipping might increase the price by about $5-$10 if we're on opposite sides of the country. For multiple items, I can combine shipping for a discounted price. I will try to reply within 12 hours, if possible. Prices negotiable for multiple items. Pictures are available upon request. All items I am listing are in-hand and ready to ship. Macross Frontier: DX Chogokin VF-25F Alto Renewal Version - $175 DX Chogokin RVF-25 Luca Renewal Version - $160 DX Chogokin VF-27 Lucifer with Super Parts Renewal Version - $200 Robot Damashii VF-25F with Super Parts - $25 Macross 7: VF-19S - $165 VF-17S (opened and transformed once) - $160 Transformers Masterpiece (all are authentic, no KO's): Tigertrack - $75 G2 Sideswipe - $60 Soundwave - $135 Transformers Other: SDCC Shockwave's Laboratory - $40 Revoltech Megatron - $40 Kamen Rider: SH Figuarts Kamen Rider Black + Battle Hopper (Both Renewal Version) - $110 Kamen Rider Dark Kiva Banpresto DX Figure (nonposable) - $20 Kamen Rider Kiva Emperor Dx Figure (nonposable) - $20 Hot Toys: DX-09 Batman 1989 (Opened, back of the top of one boot is slightly bent. Cannot be seen normally due to cape) - $260 Falconer Predator - $230 Space Adventure Cobra: Figma Cobra - $40 Figma Crystal Bowie (Boy) - $45 Any questions, please feel free to ask. If you're looking for something in particular, I might have it. Thanks for looking.
  9. Sorry all for the delay in PM responses. I am out of town at the moment. I will try to respond to everyone within the next week or so.
  10. Hey everyone, I'm moving soon and looking to get rid of some of my figures. All items are MISB unless otherwise noted. Please feel free to ask questions and I will be happy to provide pictures. I've done some eBay selling and selling on the TFW2005 boards, so I can provide those references as well. All items include a shipping estimate to the continental U.S. Please PM me with your zip code so I can make sure of the shipping costs. I'm open to offers if you're interested in multiple items. Prices can be lowered for combined shipping. If you live in Washington state, a meet-up might be possible. Bandai: RVF-25 Renewal Version - $180 VF-27 with Super Parts Renewal Version - $210 VF-171 CF - $170 VF-25F Renewal Version - $190 Transformers (All are authentic): MP-10 Year of the Horse Optimus Prime - $135 Masterpiece Tiger Tracks - $90 Masterpiece G2 Sideswipe - $60 Masterpiece Sideswipe - $75 Hot Toys: Falconer Predator - $220 Figuarts: Kamen Rider Black + Battle Hopper - $90 Figma: Space Adventure Cobra - $45 Crystal Bowie (Boy) - $60
  11. I would agree overall. The proportions are good and there's not much kibble hanging off anywhere. I think the only weak point is the headsculpt, but honestly, I like the white stripes on the head. From far away, they look like "Venom" eyes (from spider man) and it looks very imposing. Wish the color was a bit shinier and blue like in the promo pics, but it's still good.
  12. The first YF-30 hasn't been released, but I would buy that color!!! Need more red Valks.
  13. That's a good point. There's no way they wouldn't do a repaint of this. It's a good ploy to limit supply so you create that demand, then you know whatever repaint you make will sell for sure. There will probably be 1-2 repaints since this is a non-show valkyrie and they can go wild with colors. At the least, they'll re-issue it like they did the YF-29's.
  14. You should cancel one. I ordered over the limit on an item before and they threatened to cancel all quantities next time they catch it.
  15. Those are misquoted prices. They are missing another 0. You can see the price clearly in the pic of the advertisement.
  16. I find that sometimes, if you add and subtract randomly, you'll get a great price. First, try adding all your stuff at once (if there is a lot, sometimes there will be an error, but you can keep going). Then take out one of the biggest items. Then add it back. Then just try adding/subtracting things one by one until you get the best price. This has only worked with at least 5 items for me.
  17. I recently got this figure. This is my first experience with a Renewal-type Macross Frontier Valkyrie. I notice in the box images, the waste piece is very angled. I was wondering if there is supposed to be a big gap between the waist and the underside of the canopy area (like how it's supposed to be when you put it on the stand). It seems a little odd to me that there would be such a gap. Is there anyway to angle the waist without having this huge gap?
  18. Otacute has them on backorder now for $182. Worth a shot!
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