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  1. Maybe it's just me but the WoTW tripods have no organic feel at all, except for the ferry scene and that's a big maybe.
  2. "Hey, nice Space Marine costume!" "It's not a costume." *bloody swath of destruction* -NOS Who is so giving +5 to his humor right now
  3. Aye, the fansubs were drop dead hilarious, I can reall only expect the same for a commercial release seeing they have no incentive to butcher. -NOS Then again, this is ADV
  4. What day are you shooting for, Friday again?
  5. I got on better, Thai Fighters Not only can we crossover with Bloodsport it exposes kids to the wonders of etnic food!
  6. You're assuming it already isn't. Or is this just paranoia? -NOS Who has no idea of WTF he's saying anymore
  7. And seconded. Anyone have some of these in wallpaper?
  8. Now if I could only find the "Oh the humanity!" voice clip and keep on continuious repeat in this thread we'd be set.
  9. it's actually Packard in an MS-07 B-3 Gouf, but whose counting?
  10. you got quite the imagination there, you might want to seek some help for that. Still better then anything any hollywood writer has put up. I hate humanity so much right now.....
  11. There is a God! -NOS Enough to make you want to sehd a tear.
  12. "I will build the grand army of the Vatican" Who does that make Darth Vader? Fred Phellps?
  13. OMG CNN 15 14gg13rs!1!11 -NOS I can't believe no one made this joke already.
  14. Yeah, I had that problem WAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHing it too. Chicks dig sign language.
  15. But rants are fun and educational for the entire family. Oh, and because I seem to be the only one here that remembers history. I'll keep this simple so it doesn't turn into "OMG, that liberal is using the facts again!11". The U.S. started the UN, therefore using most peoples logic the UN is infalliable since it is a project of the US. /end Political fun
  16. Macross 7 was a fraking full TV series, with a plot that, even while chessy at times far suprasses the utter wankery of Robotech. Hold on, what's that I see? A rape in progress? Nah, that's just HG, silly me.
  17. Dear God..... It's a Sentinal scout alker from Warhammer 40,000. All I have to do is invent a lascannon and I so want.
  18. I know. I kind of want to hug it... Random Zentradi: Awwww, look at the 50 ft transforming robot of death. Ain't it cute?
  19. This has to be a joke, or else someone upstairs is kinda pissed. Ebichu.
  20. *holds up sign "Don't Feed The Troll"* It's quite obvious things like LOGIC, COMMON SENSE, and/or FACTS don't work with him, so why bother?
  21. Don't include me in bad movies! It's offensive! -NOS Imperial flampanzer
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