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  1. Sorry to dredge up this old thread.... but has there been any bluray release? I can't seem to find much info.....
  2. If you ever want to let this go please don't forget me haha.... so cool
  3. You mean less than 6 who speak english and use MWF :)
  4. Isn't this what we all have to do hahah.... I did this but only managed with AmiAmi 1 pc.... which is of course better than 0
  5. Yup, I couldn't add to cart either of the times it was up.... not sure why haiz....
  6. Amazon page won't let me add to cart.... always comes up empty .... must be some shipping restriction
  7. 1st time NY open early.... haiz.... never thought of it
  8. Actually i recently did Fedex from HLJ.... similar price to Japan Post EMS.... DHL about 15% more though. Give the couriers a try? Can ask for DHL / Fedex / UPS
  9. I hope so too....
  10. Sometimes beggars can't be choosers
  11. My strike parts are stuck at Nippon Yasan cos I chose SAL. If I recall you had to have chosen the postal choice at AE at point of order.... you should write to them and ask if you can use other options.... personally I would just wait.....
  12. This is such a friendly post.... I would vote for you man!
  13. Finger training in progress.... fastest fingers!
  14. Probably goes into his stockpile and rotates on auction. Big reseller/shop .....
  15. Does anyone know the original auction price of this Op cel before it landed up with Apple Symphony: https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/r398166615
  16. No they have all the way to 100. 5-14 are on Order Stop already.
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