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  1. Since VF-103's current modex is 100, they can match a modex with their squadron number---#103. Thus, they usually keep 3 planes in high-vis: 101, 102, and 103. 103 is generally the most colorful of all for VF-103--and is currently in annv. colors. (Right now for most Navy squadrons, X01 will be in FULL colors, while X02 will be in a slightly colorized version of the low-vis colors). I would presume 101 and 102 are still in the last style we saw---high-vis full color, with a rather deep shade of golden yellow. VF-111 could never do this, as they always got 200-series modex numbers. (At least for the F-14--might have had 100-series decades ago)
  2. I'm pretty sure it starts at 10---Shawn is 10, and Graham is 11. Can't imagine anyone being ahead of them.
  3. I'll second (third?) the notion for a D'Stance style YF-21. Check out the shoulder (of the battroid) in fighter mode--WAY better than Yamato's. They actually have flaps/hinges etc--Yamato just has a rubber shoulderpad.
  4. Looks like that kit does a good job with the shoulder, 1000x better than Yamato. (As in, the part where the new FP version has the removable rubber shoulders, and is probably the least anime-accurate part of the entire valk in fighter mode---there's no blending at all between the intake/sides, it's just a big round mecha shoulderpad hanging out to the side)
  5. Just found it mentioned in my Tomcat vs Hornet issue of Air Forces Monthly, and now there's pics online. Go here for all of them: http://www.clubhyper.com/reference/jollyro...ers60thdp_1.htm Just imagine what the 100th anniversary will look like! (1943-2043)--maybe on a VF-19.
  6. I just came here to ask about the "Other Stuff" forum too--I'm wondering where to post the new-and-very-cool 60th anniversary scheme for the Jolly Rogers.
  7. I think my only copy of my .sig quote was on the old board! I literally paused the game and typed in in. Need to go see the archives when it's back up. As for members--if you ever browsed through "the old" members list, you'll see a LOT of people never posted, or did so less than once a year. I wouldn't be surprised if there's a 50% loss in number of members--but we won't actually see a post/thread decline. Finally---my birthday was the 20th--but the board was down all day so nobody knew. (Got JP Armada Tidalwave (Shockwave) btw) (Also my 1/350 "USS Missouri to convert to the Iowa" which I got early)
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