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  1. I heard that there were a few seconds of the movie edited out. Guess I'll watch it & see what they cut out. What I meant by ultimate in my other post was the picture quality. Most versions of DYRL I've bought on VHS & DVD have been OK but not outstanding except for one DVD I recently got on Ebay from a Macross fan that re-mastered the movie & corrected the subs with very accurate english translations that were easy to read.
  2. My Blu-Ray Hybrid box set just arrived today! Finally going to watch the ultimate version of DYRL.
  3. You can go to this site if you prefer downloads to buying the DVDs. I believe all 25 episodes are listed. http://www.animefreak.tv/watch/macross-frontier-online
  4. Happy Birthday Macross! Ordered the Blu Ray Limited Hybrid 30th. Anniversary box & have been listening to "MACROSS THE COMPLETE" CD set this week. "Tenshi No Enogu" still turns a bad day to a good one when I hear it.
  5. Here is the link for the Macross Frontier DVD set. Price is cheaper than what I paid when it first came out. http://www.ebay.com/itm/MACROSS-FRONTIER-The-Complete-Collection-Anime-TV-Series-3-DVD-SET-English-Sub-/320794546779?pt=US_DVD_HD_DVD_Blu_ray&hash=item4ab0d8525b Sorry, posted the link before I saw your post. I suppose you may be right because it was from Malaysia. The packaging, picture & subtitle quality was very good though.
  6. Hello, Just joined MW but have been browsing the forums off & on for a few years. The 30th anniversary discussions caught my attention & I never realized they had a Hybrid 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Blu Ray come out in July. I spent hours the last couple days getting info on it & found a couple on Ebay about $300 from Japan & Play-Asia for $200. I ordered it yesterday & will watch it when it arrives to celebrate the Macross 30th birthday. Over the years I've only come across some not so good DVDs of DYRL & one very good almost HD version with very well translated English subs from a Macross fan on Ebay but this Blu Ray version with the Flashback 2012 disc will be the ultimate I think. In response to the Macross Frontier series topic, I was lucky to purchase the 25 episode DVD set a couple years back on Ebay. It was subtitled & made by Lambaian Films. It was about $39.00 & I think there are still some available on Ebay. I will post a link to the auction if I find it so others can get this DVD set for their collection.
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