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  1. 8 hours ago, Thom said:

    Nice At-At and awesome Yamato!

    And I shouldn't be having these thoughts about an inanimate doll...

    if the thoughts were about either the AT-AT or yamato i would be concerned....:wacko:

    great work on those those btw also the snow effect looks goodB))

    if you mean my Sivil figure... well..  you are not the only one i imagine... ;)


  2. 3 hours ago, arbit said:

    Love what you do with papercraft! 

    What are the differences with model painting? Do you airbrush with acrylics and gloss?

    paper ain't that different from plastic, you can paint with airbrush regular brush, weathering ect. ect ;)

    this is what the original hair looked like...


    what i did with the new hair "strands" to strengthen them was to add a drop of extra thin superglue

    making them as resilient as plasticard... ^_^ 

  3. 1 hour ago, Salamander said:

    What I find hardest is finding proper brushes for painting eyes where I live. The ones I can find are either too soft or too hard, so my eyes end up looking way less sharp than what I can see Japanese modellers do. Finding brushes small enough for little details is pretty hard in general, even at scale model stores.

    For the eyes themselves, I just follow an eye painting tutorial for the order of colors and details, and try to match what is shown in the kit instructions or on the box.

    Whenever I finish painting eyes, I always consider myself very lucky, if it worked out OK... 

    Tamiyas fine soft brushes works well for me, since the tips are very pointy and stay like that if cared for...

    1 hour ago, electric indigo said:

    A Minimum Factory Nausicaa can't be far away.

    That I would really appreciate if they did..

    Looks like a new Nausicaä fad has emerged here:lol:

  4. after what seemed like endless sanding... i have some progress on

    what is essentially a Morrigan/Sivil hybrid, to become a ....

    Uchuu Kyuketsuki (space vampire) version of sivil from Macross 7B))

    the hair is in the works.. :p

    sivils headgear almost done^_^

    and i havent settled on what kind of boots...






  5. 2 hours ago, derex3592 said:

    That's a really sweet display...how is the Gerwalk VF-1J suspended in mid-air? ...and is it a model?  

    thx :lol:

    its a hasegawa GERWALK kit

    and its suspended like this... temporary solution though,

    as im planning to make the entire "rig" in plexiglas



  6. 7 hours ago, Hikaru1234567890 said:

    I, curious as to how big this all is with the 1/144 HMR series.

    well the glaug and the VF-1A are both HMR but not 1/144 more in the 1/90ish

    however the Miria pilot figure and Q-rau is scale 1/120 and not scale 1/144

    and the changes i made to the Q-rau and pilot only added 3-4mm in height respectively 


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