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    1/48 dead?

    No, 1/48 is not dead, we collectors keep it alive in our collections, the only thing dead is yamato long life to the 1/48s, 1/48 rules and this image proves it.
  2. Have macross become out of reach for collectors? when a vt-1 gets to the selling Price of 700 usd the answer is a big YES!!, after 4 years in the market is too much. not even a vintage star wars toy after 30 years gets to a insane Price like that and i know it well because a friend of mine has every sinlge piece of the vintage star wars toys
  3. my latest purchase, sorry i mean my last macross purchase are a cm´s Max and Hikaru, this is the end of my journey with macross colectibles as prices continue to increase so goodbye macross toy makers. below my entire cms collection thats all i could get.
  4. very nice to see two modes of the same type in one shot
  5. Hi g3173, wow nice customs, that 1s with the number 006 is may favorite custom, so you are the lucky owner. congrats i saved this image long time ago, just checked the image gallery and the pics are still there in a gallery made by Jung. in battroid mode looks gr8. love it!! you should display it in battroid like this!!
  6. nice batmobile now all you need is a Michael Keaton Batman and of course a Kim Basinger (Vicki Vale) too. my lastest purchase is just a simple vf-1j revoltech ( sorry the image quallity but at this point there is no need for a good quallity image for this thing hehehe )
  7. i am not a fan of the vf-11c and vf-19p BUT in those colors make me wish to have one specially the 19p in battroid WOW so cool!! hahaha old White pages under the monitor? i used to do the same with my previous monitor, the base was too short. but i used 2 of them.
  8. love the gerwalk mode, like the other modes on a vf-1. for me the gerwalk mode gives the valk the ability of a VTOL( vertical take off and landing) aircraft like a harrier or a f-35. if you like the vf-1 you must like the gerwalk mode if not go and collect transformers!!
  9. is the same on my v1, there is a lock position but not good for the superparts, as you said a v1 flaw.
  10. i used 607 on my v1 VT-1 and looks great, on my v2 didnt apply stickers, and as MJ said 607 is already on the wing so you have no choice if yours is a v2 607 has to be the number hehehe. in fact on a v1 you can choose the number as no munber is aplied on the wing, but on the v2 is a different story you can see on the image below v2 is tampo and the v1 is a sticker.
  11. love to see the 1A CF flying, the nose section on the 1/48 looks great, for me looks better than the 1/60 v2, maybe because is longer. by the way, do you like my homemade base?
  12. finally got this version and is my third Minmay! one more for my cm´s collection
  13. that kit is nice for replacement parts if you already have a regular 1d. if i had the chance i would buy one. extra shoulders are always welcomed even if the 1d is safe
  14. arcadia will not survive they just want to go bankrupt like yamato releasing this kind of stuff and with that Price hahaha, who had this brilliant idea? ARCADIA, HELLO?? we want valkires not a single giant gun. what a waste of time and resources, re-release a vt-1 and many other versions instead of this boring thing
  15. in my case i cant tell you which one to get because the two seater valks are my favorite and i have both of them. if i had to sell my collection i would never get rid of my 1d and vt-1. in your case what do you like the most? the tv show or the movie? maybe the answer to that question would help you decide.
  16. Hi, just leave it like it is the v2 has enough detail, just add the un spacy logo to the super parts and you are done. i applied stickers on the 1/48 even trimmed them to allow better contact to the surface but is a nightmare when you try to clean the valk, you can accidentaly remove them. on the 1/48 you had no choice but on the 1/60 v2 is a different thing.
  17. Finally Minmay is in my collection, waited so much time for this moment, these 2 were meant to be together.
  18. hi, it locks the same way every v2 yamato does, the adapter holds the backpack perfectly in place, i dont use the tabs on my vt-1 which are the same on the elintseeker. one thing i dont know is if that radar is heavy. nice purchase , i am planing to get that vf-25A too.
  19. Hi, I had the same idea, just bought that cm´s Minmay to a fríend and i will take a picture with her and my 1/48 1s hikaru (with the strikes on) gr8 picture btw...
  20. Hi, i wanted to share some images from my last flight with the YF-19, is the only good quality add on i found of a valkyrie for fs2004. here are the shots.
  21. hi connor99 seems that arcadia read my post and in days made one for me hahaha
  22. Whats your 1 wish for Arcadia?? simple!! lower prices, less none sense accesories, more production and less exclusive or you will get to bankrupt very soon
  23. connor99 nice addition to your collection, I would like to have hikaru´s 1S in my 1/60 collection, sooner or later i will get one. 1D and 1S, they look so cool together, even if the 1s is the dyrl one
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