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  1. is that a dx toy? did you've done some customizing in the canon gun? it's look good.. what did you do?
  2. well i guess it's because the way the suit up ..macross pluss suit is looks more bulky.. but why is it.. the pilot in vf 25 looks smaller then the vf 0 i still dont get it..?
  3. but if you compared it to the pilot... it's become obvious that someone made a huge mistake in scaling
  4. well i guess there's always be a room for improvement in the future.. one thing that i hate is mostly about the scale.. curse you bandai.. why didn't you made it as big as yamato.. just look at the pilot.. it's so tiny .. yet they proclaim to have the same scale with yamato (i:60)
  5. agree.. i think the model will look much more nicer.. if the landing gear were paint in white.. just like yamato.. to bad.. it's not..
  6. hahhaha.. for me landing gear is crucial still waiting for the video review
  7. i still hate the shapeof the landing gear.. oh well no body perfect.. can't wait for mine to come
  8. hi i'm a newbie.. and i was wondering. where did you get the pilot seat that came out from the batroid mode head? thanks
  9. WOW cool ... who produce this model? is it kit? or a toys?
  10. have you try to modify the hand? *i was thingking to use perfect grade gundam custom for the hand coz they have some articulation*.. and where did you get the stiker from?
  11. hai... i'm new in this forum but.. i have been a fan boy for macross for a long time.. i have collect the vf 25 from bandai.. and i notice that the hand part especially the finger doesn't have any articulation... have anyone try to modified this part? *by exchange it with a part from a pefect grade gundam for example* and another question.. does bandai.. release a decale.. for this figure? cos the paint quality is so poor... and i have a plan to repaint all my vf 25 but i'm affraid for the detail *ps sory for my bad english..
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