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  1. Hi, A little update of my "Diorama" sorry for that Thanks for all your comments, I really appreciate.
  2. This my last custom, a diorama made with 2 revoltech figures with a full custom stand Not finished, but here some photos: More photos coming soon...
  3. WoW! very good work Iceblue 106, it look awesome! Are you going to make a weathering on the hangar+tomahawk after you finished all the paint job? > My VF-1A CF battle damaged(1/48) > Custom VF-OS 1/72 Reactive Armored
  4. Thank you, I used white pipe from an hasegawa kit : us aerospace ground equipement set 1/72
  5. And with the FP : I have to finish few details, but I hope you like it?
  6. Hi, I'm back with my new custom, a VF-1A cannon fodder 1/48. The first step : line panel and light weathering
  7. absolutely brilliant, awesome Job Shinagami!!! So much details! I really like to have this great kit, to make my own! Thank you for your pictures.
  8. First i want a second edition of the VF-0 with NO problems with the shoulders or the arms((it's probably the reason why they never make this armor), then of course this reactive armor in 1/60 scale, a VF-0D.....but i think it's just dream.... but Yamato if you read us, you known what you'll have to do! For the building it was a pleasure, but i prefere the painting part!
  9. I really appreciate all your compliments! I am very excited about the response this custom has recieved. Once again thanks a lot! I'll be back in few days with another one....
  10. Thanks, I used spray paint for the base color(mat black) the yellow and white, then I used drybrushing with lot of differents "games workshop" colors
  11. Hi, This is my first post with my last custom, an Hasegawa 1/72 VF-0S Reactive Armored :
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