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  1. Okay, did a bit of panel line work on the VF-9 again.

    It is so annoying, and super hard work. You start to cut an then it looks weird.


    Then you go back to an older version of the object and do it again and again and again until you have something that you a bit satisfied with and then rework it again.



    At least I am getting progress. Slow but it is there.


  2. 15 minutes ago, MechTech said:

    @Big s You get productivity out of yours?! You must share your secrets😅

    @Urashiman That TOTALLY sucks! I guess you're not going to strip it down? My spitfire paint job did that too. I used a very fine sponge sander to get it smooth, then buffed it out with a rag. You may still be able to help it along. If you can save that F-5, you can save this. - MT

    Went over it with 1500 grid tamiya sanding sponge. Not too sure if I like this. Defo have to air brush again.


  3. 1 hour ago, Thom said:

    @Urashiman I feel your pain! I have three moisture traps on mine, which helps, but it'll still throw up occasionally if I am spraying for too long. Give it a light sand back with some fine grade and touch up. Nice color though.

    I'm not a careful sander ... I'd probably sand through the primer, the ground color and shading. Hahaha. It dried a bit more, and isn't that much visible anymore, so I'll just leave it like that :)

    PS: Revell Enamel blue 50. Fits the VF-22S Max version without any need to color mix something together.

  4. 3 hours ago, electric indigo said:

    Another grail kit acquired: Erina of the Sky from Mika Akitaka's Galaxy Fraulein Yuna.


    @Urashiman I'm in the vicinity of Cologne

    Nice, my wife is from cologne. We visit cologne as well as Bergisch Gladbach a lot, family visits etc. I am from the former East Berlin (born and raised in communist Germany, hahaha!)

  5. 4 hours ago, electric indigo said:

    Interesting, I wonder if it is fit that way to have some degree of caster (Nachlauf) or to prevent the gear from collapsing to the back in case of failure.

    I guess you won't see that on a carrier bird.

    Yeah, F/A-18, F-14 and F-35 all have straight 90° angle nose gear. Might have asked that already, but are you German?

  6. On 6/11/2022 at 11:36 AM, electric indigo said:

    @Urashiman I know the forward landing gear strut angle is canon, but structurally, it doesn't make sense to me. Is there any real world example of this?

    The Airbus A320 as a slightly tilted front landing gear. Maybe 5° or something, but yeah. Nowhere else I saw this. Appart from looking fancy (adding to the already fancy VF-9), there isn't much I can think of, why they decided on this type of gear.


    Oh look, the F-16 has that as well.


    Not at an extreme angle like the VF-9, but from the gear configuration, it seems the VF-9 took inspiration from the F-16 nose gear.

  7. 10 hours ago, captain america said:

    Not wood, modelling board, then resin for the kits.

    Ah, that fake wood stuff, having similar features like wood, minus the grain direction and splintering. My brother was a professional casting modeller for a company that did industrial molds and casts. They used that stuff all the time. He brought me some ages ago. Great stuff to work with.

  8. 4 hours ago, arbit said:

    Looking great.  Is the body actually that smooth for future printing, or are you using some visual "smoothing"?  A lot of 3D valks out there are blocky.  Not that I would know how to design 'em better.

    It is super smooth. I bet there will be some blockyness, but at this scale, sanding the body once with 180 or 320 grid will get rid of it.

  9. Been tinkering around on my VF-9 again. Getting the gunpod size right hard. I've been trying around and checking with reference material, but I think the size it good now.

    Also decided on the basic shape of the back landing gear of the VF-9. I tried the F-18 one, with the "bend knees" but it looked horrible. So this is mostly like the standard stuff one would find in a F-14, F-22 or F-35. Any better recommendations are welcome.


  10. 12 hours ago, Thom said:

    I have the 1/72 Academy kit in the 'continuous build process.' So far, it is a nice looking kit, and except for some updated seats, you can build almost any variant out of the box.


    Build log.


    Oh yes, the new Academy one. I wasn't able to find one for a decent price in Germany. I remember the old Academy F-14 to look super bulky with huge panel line, but the new one looks really good.

    11 hours ago, arbit said:

    And then there is the F-14 shaming to worry about from all the perfectionists out there 😄

    Oh yeah. I went on an F-14 forum once and all they did was complaining "Nah, what the #?@! is that? Is that supposed to be an F-14? Blargh Blargh Blargh". It is fun hahaha

    8 hours ago, wm cheng said:

    Hi @Urashiman - I have both the FineMolds and GWH and the Hasegawas.  I don't know if I'll build the older Hasegawas, maybe as in flight someday (they just don't hold up to the current kits I even have all the resin Verlinden aftermarket stuff and even those don't hold up to the current stuff).  The GWH is amazing except for the RIO console housing, its just way too narrow to display it with the canopy open - its just fine if you close the canopy.  If you want canopy open, there are amazing 3D printed cockpit instrumentation that are leaps above and beyond Photoetched stuff from a Russian company called Quinta.  They have North American hobby companies that carry their stuff as well.  The wings are great as it has great flaps, slats and even spoilers which is rare.  Just don't use the GWH decals or the instructions, its placement is suspect of some of the data stenciling and the graphics are way too large on a few items and wrong placement on the sparrow missile stripes.  The FineMolds seems to be begging to be built with everything opened to see all the access panels.  Can't wait to see your build, most importantly, have fun!  Don't worry, we're not ARC around here 😛

    Oh - advise from the master himself. The original F-14 from Hasewaga (the 1970s mold with the rised panel lines) is from a dimensions point of view really good. It just needs a lot of love and work to make it look awesome. And yeah ... saw a ton of extra pieces for the GWH one, but I think it'll do like this at the moment. So many little pieces on this I tell you. Panels as big as 2x2mm that need to be glued to the nose somewhere. The GWH will be closed panels with gears out and missiles added.

    7 hours ago, Bolt said:

    @Urashiman I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with !

    I am not coming up with much. The creative work has been done by the Macross Zero team XD

    But yeah, can't wait to see how it comes out myself.

    Here is what I got together yesterday evening while watching Another Life on netflix. I didn't glue the nose yet, just sticket together so I can paint the cockpit and so on. Was easier to take care of those tiny panels with my saussage fingers.



  11. Okay ... aside from the crazy things I do and have on my workbench, I am always on the hunt for "the perfect F-14 Tomcat". I know there are some F-14 purists on the board as well, and getting a proper F-14 is just crazy.

    One could get an original 1970s Hasegawa F-14, remove the rised panel lines and engrave new panel lines, or look around what else we got in our hobby stores. We got the new tool F-14 from hasegawa. Give or take, this might be a valid option, but needs much work as well. There are a lot of resin kit add ons ... you get the idea. Getting a new mold Revell F-14, it looks okay, is cheap but the panel lines are super wrong and look like someone encarved them with a chainsaw. So now let's look at the two best kits out there (from my perspective). The Fine Molds F-14, and the GWH F-14. I know, there is a Hobby Boss F-14 out in the wild, but I am unable to get a hold of one.




    msg772080877-21896.jpg.82ca638e2adb75945e4ea15b1416d2fd.jpgas you

    As you can see, the GWH F-14 has a bunch more runners. But this won't say much about the quality.

    Have a look at the fine molds nose:


    Versus GWH:


    On both kits the panel lines are super fine and detailed, but the interior of the Fine Molds F-14 is giving away way more features. The GWH has a lot more wing configurations. The panel lines on the GWH F-14 are detailed, but there are annoying inaccuracies. The panel lines on the Fine Molds F-14 are almost perfect.

    I want to use one of these for my new Macross Zero F-14, and I think I will go with the GWH one, as the F-14D version is fitting more the visuals of what we see in Macross Zero. On the down side, I have to use a limited Edition F-14D for that, because I wasn't able to get a normal F-14D from GHW here. I wish there was a Fine Molds F-14D available (apart from the limited and super rare Model Graphix Magazine edition). So far the Fine Molds kit has really impressed me. But, even though there are mine inaccuracies in the GWH kit, it is looks super fun to build. It will be on my workbench now. Updates to follow tomorrow :)


  12. Update on the F-5B (CF-116).

    I removed all raised panel lines and all incorrect engraved panel lines. Time to make new ones. Step number one: painting the new ones on the plane. I think I got the wrong F-5B panel line chart, though and have to remove most of them again. Yay... fun!

    This 2.99€ kit is more work than it is worth, but I like the challenge :)photo1652903520.jpeg.d8813dc9a1c1d8f1ab279b2695597f94.jpeg

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