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  1. 7 hours ago, Gabe Q said:

    @MechTech Your armored car looks good so far! It's almost like an SD version of what I imagine most of those would look like. I guess it's the giant turret in proportion to the small car body. The way you machined the missile attachment piece is very impressive. Looks great! 

    @derex3592 The Titanic is looking good! I don't know how you guys manage all those repetitive little details on big ship builds. That would drive me crazy! 

    @pengbuzz Thanks for the snippet of history regarding my all time favorite jet, the Tomcat. 

    @Urashiman Like you, I'm always doing multiple builds at once. It's more time efficient but sometimes it can be a little bit of trouble keeping track of all the parts. 

    As far as my workbench, just working on an old 1/72 variable Bandai Valk and a Hasegawa black aces Valk in the same scale. Masking canopies is not my fave but, hey, it has to be done! 


    Yeah ... my first try to go at multiple kits at once. Especially with the same colored mold it is fun hahaha.

    I'll just make sure to put the right parts back into the right box.

  2. I felt, that I needed a break from the F-5B. So I started building something I have on my kit pile for years now.



    I got that VF-19A when it released the first time almost two decades ago. I also got the photo etched set from jasmine models, which is so awesome. I really like it.

  3. Okay, update on the F5B.

    I basically drenched it in Revell putty yesterday and let it dry for ~24 hours.



    and today I started to sand away on this like crazy. Uh!


    So this is where I am at now.

    One side almost done, the other still needs so sandpaper love.


    I think I am on a good way here fixing this crappy kit. Lets see how it‘ll turn out.

  4. 59 minutes ago, MechTech said:

    Hi everyone, I got some more work done over the past couple of weekends. Sorry for photo-bombing you guys with so many photos!

    The armored car I'm modifying is based on the French Panhard AML-90 (below). I modernized it a bit. You can see where the over-sized turret comes from.


    Normal people remove screws from their tires and plug the hole. I punched a hole and glued some hanging out! These are what will hold the model to the base. I used silicone RTV to glue them in place.


    Here's the completed tires and base with screw heads underneath.



    I FINALLY got to put a base coat of paint on my model this weekend. Time for A LOT of weathering and detailing.


    Last weekend was spent doing landscaping on the base by adding more sand and more dead plant life. This was BEFORE I drilled the holes for the screws in the base. I also rusted parts from an old artillery carriage frame. I'm thinking of calling this diorama "The Sands of Time" or "Haunt of Jackals", but I'm not sure yet.




    That's it for this time. Thanks for checking in everyone! - MT


    Great work man!

  5. 7 hours ago, MechTech said:

    @joscasle That is a BEAUTIFUL show-worthy build! All the little details look clean and so does your paint! It's hard to tell the difference between the model and the real thing other than the backdrop. Congratulations on a good modelling year too!

    @Urashiman Too bad about the melted plastic. With it being a rough kit already, I think I would personally bin it and get a modern kit😧 But I'm sure you can resurrect it!

    @daBlah! That is a small, but cool looking kit!

    @electric indigo That's a great composite photo! The lighting adds dynamic movement to it along with the tracers. - MT

    I'll give it a try to resurrect it - if it doesn't work, I will discard it.

  6. 4 hours ago, Thom said:

    I think, if you are confident in fully rebuilding the nose, maybe just cutting it from below the canopy sill and forward would be enough. Certainly less to rebuild and more to build up upon.

    Best of all fortunes!

    The whole front section is soft now, starting from the edge of cockpit, all the way to the front. I think I‘ll go with building the whole cockpit section anew. Shouldn‘t be too hard. Three plates left, right and buttom, landing gear box, the front plate to attach the actual nose, then some sanding and panel line scribing. Done.

  7. I decided to work on my 1/72 Matchbox F-5E Tiger again.

    Before putting it on hold some months ago, I was in the process of creating a new canopy, forming it with FIMO by hand and sticking it to the cockpit, so I can pull down some heated clear stuff over it. You know the process :)

    Anyway, what I didn't keep in mind was, that FIMO uses plasticizer to stay clay like. So now I am having an issue here...IMG_8037.JPG.d30adfd58bba78bd7d4a85d151abb558.JPG


    The cockpit section just melted away.

    So three options now:

     - Trying to figure out how to dry out the plasticizer without melting the rest of the body

     - Purchasing Evergreen plates and cutting off the nose, then completely scratchbuilding a new nose with cockpit

    - throwing it away and going on to the next project.


    Any suggesstion what else can be done?

  8. 8 hours ago, slide said:

    I'll take a VF-X please... that's an easy one Hasegawa!! it's practically a Gimme!!!

    Well - for the VF-X they need to change the mold drastically. I mean, they need to update the panel line design, as the VF-X to VF-1 panel lines are super different.

    There need to be new molds as well, for the arms. The VF-X had no arms.





  9. Did a little 4 hour practice today, and decided to do the VF-1. Yes - just another 3d modelled VF-1, but this time I did the VF-1P (which not to many people have done yet).

    I used line art from the Variable Master File for the VF-1 to make this.


    and a quick projection mapped render.


  10. 10 hours ago, GMK said:

    Got into CAD & 3D printing as my pandemic hobbies. Different way to think, but a useful way of solving kit problems or subject availability. 

    Current project is the 8x8 Boxer combat reconnaissance vehicle slowly being introduced by the Australian Army. Scale will be 1:16. 


    Nice - what CAD program do you use?

  11. I was building this over the past weeks, as a present for the fiancé of my wifes sister (not sure if there is a proper term for that relationship in a family).

    He really likes One Piece and didn’t want to purchase the 300 bucks Going Merry. So I got the bandai kit for cheap and smashed it together rather unprofessional. Still looks better than the 300 bucks version.


    priming the crew :)


    pre-shading the ship.


    first airbrush stage done


    heavy masking tape job for white parts.


    color was a bit to thin and went under the masking. Had to fix that later.


    the finished crew. My index finger next to them for size comparison.


    the finished ship.


    I liked the kit. It was fitting really well and was a pleasure to build. 100% recommended for any One Piece fan. :)

    wasn’t my best build though, as I was a bit under time pressure to get it done until his birthday.

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