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  1. 11 minutes ago, Bolt said:

    Ah so. Thanks for that @Urashiman 👍🏼 I just checked my stencils, out of curiosity . Here's the two (that i have) side by side. The stencils on the left look closer to the "Blue Roses" pattern,  IMO. I Couldn't find the original zip lock with label, and I don't recall what it's called, though. As you can see , I've used them once, already. Flecktarn (at least that's what Fallout Hobbies is calling it) is the unused set on the right(obviously). 6A406946-61F2-4174-8899-23D8614DEE02.jpeg.e4895679afe73ff0a77df37ddd947648.jpeg

    Yeah, the one one the left is Hex Camo style, the one on the right looks more like flecktarn. Flecktarn is more like splattering drops onto your stuff.

  2. 8 minutes ago, Bolt said:

    Thanks @wm cheng ! My next VF-4 (i have a second Hobbyexpro) will be the "Blue Roses" scheme . What do you call this camo pattern "flek tarn"?  I've got the stencils already and the water slides.E7883C6E-3F3B-43A8-BA15-FECDBE66C5A2.jpeg.238fb0320d7904eeffde63d28176352a.jpeg


    The Wave kit looks pretty good, I'll admit. But I'm such a monogamous Hasegawa fan, that I'd buy that one first 😆. Plus i still have a  Retppu and Musasiya VF-4 ,each in 1/72. So.. no hurry for the Wave. Lol. 


    Yes! It was offered here on MW several years ago. In multiple scales. And even painted , as an option! I'm really keen to see if anyone went that route. For mine, I'll probably do something different ( for me) and stick really close to the original DYRL paint scheme.

    "Fleck Tarn" is used by the German army. Translates to "spot camoflage".

  3. @Thom I usually try to keep the original panel lines as well, but for this kit, the panel lines were sacrificed during the process of fixing the kit. I had no other choice. I probably have to putty away the already done panel lines again, as I mixed up the F-5 versions. The F-5B and the CF-116 have slightly different panel lining. UGH

  4. 5 hours ago, Bolt said:

    Another little update. I managed to finish the gunpod, but the darker gray jagged markings didn't come out as dark as they should have. I will more than likely do a few dark washes over them. And though the gunpod won't be as visible, I would still like to mount it under the main fuselage and position the UUM-7's next to the RMS-1's. Which will require shaving down the pylon mounts a bit. I've also finally just started working on the pilot.FB6C568A-0E49-40E2-91E9-B03E29873B59.jpeg.cdd8a825c0b36a7ef04dd167fffe8c41.jpegB61CAD41-839A-4F34-85F3-D1BE38D65EE8.jpeg.26f4f0ec416179bbbbfeb581b1a336aa.jpegB8C78521-0792-4928-BCEC-C8078828056C.jpeg.52491e1d3dc0c3cf2f8adc986fb71e13.jpegDCA291FD-1C4A-4078-8710-B2B60A9BC207.jpeg.8e52ab0331607ec8b2f75b1e1c8ee005.jpeg7D70ADA8-8515-4B6B-9A14-5BB11D5345EC.jpeg.acbca0167e1d291b7fc781ef5b6fbf8a.jpeg

    Thanks for beaming in. See you Space Cowboys next deculture💫

    Awesome VF-4! I like it!

    Yesterday I started scribing new panel lines on the CF-116 (F-5B). So annoying, but I will do this slowly and carefully.


  5. 49 minutes ago, derex3592 said:

    Any of you airplane buffs wanna give me your opinions on which 1/72 F-35 kit is the best?  Hasegawa? Tamiya? Italeri? I'm leaning towards Tamiya just because I've watched guys building the 1/48 version and it's an extremely well-designed kit, I'm assuming trickle down methods apply to the 1/72 kit...

    All opinions welcome! 

    Hasegawa HAE46 F-35 Lightning II B Version US Marine Model Kit, 1:72 Scale (amazon.com)

    TAMIYA 60791-000 F-35B Lightning II, Model Making, Crafts, Hobby, Adhesive, Plastic Kit, Gray (amazon.com)

    Italeri 510001425 1:72 F-35B Lightning II V/STOL Version, -Standing Model Building, Crafts, Hobbies, Gluing, Plastic kit, Detailed, Unvarnished (amazon.com)

    I had the Italeri one in a double pack with the X-32 as the X-35. The kit was building okay, but it lacks details. It seems that the italeri kit on your link is a completely new mould and has more details though.

  6. 2 hours ago, arbit said:

    good feedback. Thanks. Maybe I can adjust a bit for that kind of pose.

    But you know, the legs are pretty long in the line art.


    That is what they call "superhero legs". Proportionally too long legs for the characters in comics and mangas. Just look at hand drawn females and such. It is just over the top. It is troublesome to draw men with realistic shorter legs. The characters look really weird then. You can either choose the manga/comic style and keep the long legs, or do realistic style but shorten the legs. The inbetween causes the uncanny valley to trigger and something seems off all the time.

  7. On 2/14/2023 at 1:30 AM, Rock said:

    Yeah it is on the red side. Used 'ol PS to analyze it a bit more.

    The 3 dabs Were each pulled form the images shown. Using the color picker I was able to compare the RGB (Red Green Blue) that make up the colors swatches.  The blue and green values of all 3 colors were insanely close. The red was a tad higher in my mix. I don't think I'm willing to dial it back by adding a bit more blue and green though at this point. I may use this excuse as a good time to see what a green dot filter can do. :)
    Top Right: My mix on the area's with more black showing through. (R:115)
    Bottom Right: The color pulled off the wing in the screen shot. (R:98)
    Left: Color pulled off the top of the leg with less black showing though. (R:106)

    Weird enough the thing just looks grey in some of the pics.


    Interesting! Well - keep up the good work!

  8. 10 hours ago, Big s said:

    That’s an impressive use of what normally would just be trash.

    My dad once build an RC model boat from old cardboard and basically drenched it in clear lacquer color to make it waterproof. It worked!

    Unfortunately it tipped over due to a large wave and sank, but hey, that was the risk of RC boats in the 80s.

  9. 21 hours ago, electric indigo said:

    When you don't have any F-18 walkway decals...


    Awesome man!

    I‘ve done some paperwork yesterday.



    had to many cardboard boxes flying around and decided to build this. Glides through the air like an unfolded box. Hahaha

    did some pre-shading on the VF-19A, X-29 and VF-1A.78389451-FC4B-4007-8E86-419D6B375288.jpeg.ede67efbb7c00d11448ac668e2f74aa1.jpeg

  10. 8 hours ago, Rock said:

    R, the mix is of Mr. Color (#80,110, and 3.)  I'm 100% the mix is right or what Hase wants as I'm mixing by weight. It's just not what I expected from what I've had seen.


    After doing some testing I ended up leaning into the gray tones by adding some more cobalt blue and light gull gray. I guess real world aviation tones are rubbing off on me. I wasn't too sure on its own but next to the light gray... well, I rather like the result!




    This looks more purple than blue. On the original artwork and the Macross VF-X 2 game itself, it is more a cerulean blue with a slight purple tint. That is why I am doing purple as a base shade for my 1/72 VF-19A and then going to spray cerulean blue over it.

    I took some screenshots from the game to show. This is the after the My Fair Lady mission, in earth orbit, fighting against a ghost V-9 prior to the battle against Macross 13.




    I mean, your color looks really awesome, just not game accurate :)

  11. @Big s awesome front mission kit!

    @arbit good work! I like the bridge bunnies :)

    @derex3592 that reliant looks so nice man


    Some updates on the CF-116 (canadian F-5B).

    I struggled scratch building a new canopy, so I used CAD and original blueprints to make a canopy. So here is a quick test print as a proof of concept.


    I either need to adjust the canopy to fit the kit or adjust the kit to fit the canopy. Probably going to adjust the kit, as the canopy is kinda scale :)

  12. Time for some updates.

    Base shade color applied to the x-29. The color in use might be known by many here. The name is „Radome“, which is the color of Hasegawas YF-19.


    Base shade done for the VF-1. When airbrushing this I was a bit confused as I saw no change in tone. It appears that my primer has the same tone as my semi gloss medium light grey. Only difference? One is mate, the other semi-gloss.


    nose: with baseshade

    exhaust piece: primer only


    And I did some work on the VF-22.



    After what seems to be ages, Max finally sees daylight once again.


    Some of the grey managed to get under masking tape. I will have to remove that carefully later. The edges of the masked areas are a bit frayed. Need to fix that as well.

  13. 6 hours ago, pengbuzz said:

    UPDATE: the CVN-65 project is now on permanent hold. A major financial issue has shut down all of my projects now until further notice.

    Thanks for watching folks; please consider this project closed. I don't think I'll be posting much at this rate. :(


    Aww man :(

  14. On 1/16/2023 at 7:44 AM, eXis10z said:

    Will these look good oob without paint

    Found one on twitter that has "minimum paint job". Only the canopy and the gears are painted from what I can tell.


    Edit: An apparently someone is already doing heavy modding to make a battroid version from the Wave kit.




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