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    Bandai DX VF-31

    Wow sucks that HLJ still hasn't got their act together. I received a similar email when they canceled my VF-31J preorder a couple years back. After that I said F them, and now use them as a last resort. I'm keep telling myself that the VF-31E will be my last Bandai DX Valk to try and get myself to stop, but I know its not going to work out lol. I still want and need a DX YF-21, and a squad of DX VF-11's.
  2. Had a smooth exchange with @nismoflip. Hope your enjoying your new VF-1!
  3. Up FS or FT is one Bandai DX VF-31J. Item is MIB, never transformed only inspected for product. Asking $250 shipped to the lower 48. Willing to do a straight trade for a DX VF-31S.
  4. Vortech

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Keep trying guys. You still got Amazon Japan, HLJ, and AE. Hopefully they don't take too long with their listings.
  5. Vortech

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Been staying clear of NY since the 31A debacle. Seems like they do honor their orders, it just depends on how long it will take. Just happy that I will be able to complete a full TV squad with the Delta team. Can't wait for the Bandai Madness for the VF-31E. Was in HS during the Yamato Days, and was a poor college grad during the Frontier days. Happy to have the disposable income for the Seigfrieds.
  6. Is the DX VF-1J pretty hard to acquire? Felt like it was available for more then the norm after release. Might throw one of mine up in the FS section.
  7. I think this is going to be the new norm with P Bandai exclusives moving forward. Seems like they are keeping the best items as Japan exclusives. I don't see the Astraea listed on the other country P Bandai sites. Something that I did to avoid the midnight madness, I submitted a request to my proxy a day before the preorder window opened and just went to sleep early. My proxy was able to secure a copy for me as well. Only going through preorder madness for regular/general releases. The P Bandai stuff just proxy a day early because it seems like most of the etailers will be scalping us for the P Bandai Japan exclusives from now on. G/L and happy hunting gents.
  8. Jesus Bandai sure is hammering our wallets early this year. We have MB X-1 just released, and now they are dropping the Preorders for the MB Astraea and the VF-31E this week. Guess I'll be having no escapades this weekend.
  9. MB'S Sold. Open to trades as well on the Sentinel Stick.
  10. Yes, as long as it’s before the item is instock. If you cancel while it’s instock there is a restocking fee. There is no cancel button, you either have to email them or call to cancel. Their service is great, I’ve canceled the toyworld Devy boxset on them which was $500 plus with no issues.
  11. Very reliable. This will be metal build #3 with them. They get all their items from bluefin, so it will be fulfilled, just be prepared to wait a month to two after Japanese release.
  12. Glad they are giving us the full cloth at release, and not making it a BS P Bandai set. But now the question is what will be the BS P Bandai set lol.
  13. On the fence on the EVA. Waiting for final release details later this week to reserve judgement. Still hoping for an Astray Blue Frame 2nd Revise, along with the Crossbone Gundams to go with my F91's.
  14. Man I was going to skip the gunbarrel, but man Bandai sure did put some elbow grease into this thing. Plus that BMFG, now I regret canceling my 2nd MB Strike.
  15. Hi Everyone, The items for sale are all MISB, and will only be shipped to the lower 48 states at the inclusive prices, if out of the lower 48 an additional shipping cost will be incurred. MISB - Sentinel Riobot VR-052F Stick @ $205 USD shipped. Metal Builds sold, someone buy my Mospeada Ride Armor.
  16. You should get your item, and if they can't deliver you will get your refund ASAP. Just keep in mind they have the highest shipping costs out of all the etailers. Just in case anyone wants to utilize BBTS, https://www.bigbadtoystore.com/Product/VariationDetails/77867 But that's a real last resort option.
  17. Guess I'm one of the lucky ones, I managed to get 2 fullfilled by From Japan, but got hit with a $545 upfront payment. Bandai prices just keep on going up while cash in my wallet just keeps on going down. I don't know what's up with CDJ lately, but it feels like I have been waiting on MP-41 Dinobot forever. Everyone who ordered from Amazon Japan has their copy, yet here I waiting for it to still get in stock at CDJ. WTF CDJ WTF.
  18. Gunbarrel is an easy pass, great for those that are Mu La Flaga fans. Just gonna be waiting patiently for the eventual Strike Rouge Otoori, Strike E w/IWSP, Perfect Strike, and Strike Noir. Still waiting on Bandai to do that Astray Blue Frame 2nd Revise though.
  19. Yeah I did the same thing, but now I'm wondering if I should order 1-2 more, as I think this may turn into a rare piece in the future, seeing as how the usual suspects aren't listing too many copies for sale.
  20. Vortech

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Glad I canceled all my HLJ preorders on Weds morning. Somehow knew that the 31S would be easily available after release. Seeing as how they are still not sold out, either Bandai produced more, or there just isn't that much interest in the S. Also canceled my MB Strike and DX YF-19. Figured I only need one copy of a Valk instead of Doubles. More for ya'll.
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