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ROBOTECH: El Año del Despegue

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Hello MWers!

If you have to travel to Chile in September, you can come to our event. The SDF-Crew presents "The Launch Year",an event with Expositions, contests, cosplay and speeches. Free access! B))

Y a todos los usuarios chilenos, latinos e hispanos en general, quedan Uds. cordialmente invitados a este evento que el SDF-Crew en conjunto con Central Planet han preparado para celebrar el año del despegue del SDF-1. La entrada es gratuita!

Here is the promotional poster:

Este es el afiche promocional:


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You gotta post some pics of your built booster launch vehicle! Crapola, I need to get one of those...

Thank you for your comments. Launcher it's not finished yet, in fact in the event it has an "work in process" card ahead.

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See, that is what the Robotech fandom is missing here, people who actually do stuff like this. Nice pics of the model kits and stuff. A lot of Macross stuff in there for sure. Looks like a well organized event and a lot of participants for everything. Great job.

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looks pretty good,nice and cleanly set up, I will take one of those flags tho they are awesome,and the minmay with the yellow beret lol, i think the millia..sorry,miriya should have left the styrofoam blocks off. but overall,looks like a fun event. :)

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