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  1. Lorindor

    Whats next for Arcadia?

    No, no one would have conclusive evidence of that, it's just speculation. Since the main income source of Yamato (and Arcadia) is likely from selling those creepy dolls, the reason Yamato folded could just as well have been due to fluctuations in the doll sales. They way Yamato transitioned into Arcadia was a bit strange as well. I've heard people speculate it was some kind of elaborate tax evasion or something like that. But yeah, no one really knows and we shouldn't take speculations as facts.
  2. Lorindor

    Hi-Metal R

    The VF-4 actually has two very different battroid modes and transformations. The more common modern version has a slight anachronistic feel since it was probably finished long after the fighter mode was designed. You can read a short history here: http://www.collectiondx.com/blog/vf5ss/brief_history_vf4039s_design (It could also be noted that the VF-X-4 experimental fighter received another transformation in Robotech (there renamed YF-4). All in all, the VF-4 family of designs has one of the most interesting real-world design histories in my opinion.)
  3. Yeah, I've never heard a complaint over the lightheartedness of G Reco. (Is it really THAT lighthearted even?) That the show's a hot mess, on the other hand, is a very common complaint.
  4. Lorindor

    Hi-Metal R

    The yellow-trimmed "Faerie Squadron" was such an obscure and strange choice by Evolution Toys. I rather see a proper green-trimmed CF VF-2SS or the other more prominent color variants.
  5. I think it's more likely that the announced new series was always intended to be a Delta sequel, but it has now for whatever reason been turned into a movie instead. The very short time between Delta and the announced project says to me that they wanted to reuse as much production assets as possible. I hope I'm wrong though and that we will get a new series as well.
  6. Lorindor


    I've only seen an animanga (a comic using stills from the anime) and unofficial doujinshi manga.
  7. The Prototype Cyclone doesn't look much like a Cyclone, but it is an intriguing design. I've always wondered how its alternative mode would look like.
  8. Lorindor

    Whats next for Arcadia?

    An Armored VF-1J in premium finish or with missile effect parts would make me replace my current one. I actually think it's strange that Arcadia did not include the missile effect parts the first time around and a premium version should have them.
  9. Lorindor

    The Nintendo Switch

    Up until the name reveal at the end, I thought that this was a new Armored Core game and was thinking "I dig this, but some fans will absolutely hate the change in art style". I was not surprised when I saw Kawamori's name, the mecha designs are very recognizable as his current style. Gameplay-wise it looks very much like Armored Core 4 Answer (with the fast action, ability to fly and the giant bosses).
  10. I think part of the stalling is a TLJ effect. I really didn't have much enthusiasm for Star Wars after that wreck of a movie. Deep inside I'm still a fan of the franchise, so I gave Solo a chance this time (and I don't regret it). But I can't blame others for not giving those second chances. It's a shame really, Solo deserves better.
  11. We will get new characters and stories with Rian Johnson's future trilogy. Stories set in-between the original trilogy and the sequel trilogy will be told in the new animated series called Resistance. So we will get all that. I hope this movie will expand on Boba's story in the Clone Wars (which was cut short). It could also work as a follow-up to Solo, including some of the characters in that movie.
  12. Just came home from the cinema. I thought it was good. Way better than The Last Jedi (even if that doesn't actually say much), but maybe not quite as enjoyable as Rogue One was too me. The biggest flaw I could find is that I think the climax could have been bigger in scale and scope, but maybe I'm just spoiled by Rogue One's epic Battle of Scarif. Then one could get fixed on that they guy playing Han is not the best fit, but I thought he did an okay job at least and I decided to just not think about it. There were quite a few fun references for the fans to pick up on throughout the movie, but it was overall more subtle than in Rogue One. But I think a lot of casual fans will be very confused over one specific extended cameo near the end of the movie.
  13. Lorindor

    Super Macross Mecha Fun Time Discussion Thread!

    Well, it's commonly said in Sweden that the Danes need to spit out the porridge so one can understand what they say. (Why porridge? No idea.)