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  1. News from SDCC: Jamie Sullivan, the artist that made the retro style box art, mentioned in passing that there will be a line of retro style boxed toys that apparently will include Destroids. At around 17:20 :
  2. As someone who doesn't really like action figures of humanoid/organic characters due to how the joints often look like an eye-sore, I wish they were statues. But they still look very promising, so will definitely buy them if they are released. We're not really spoiled with Sentinels toys, nor Regess/Refless figures.
  3. Well, I know Force of Arms sold pretty well. Enough to release an expansion and Crisis Point at least, with more still planned. SMG have released two games and have even more on the way. So I would say it sells enough. Besides, the risks involved are not really that high in this industry. Miniature-based wargames is something entirely different though, since is requires many expensive molds. Kids Logic seems to focus on less molds and the minis will probably be better products than the RRT minis (mainly because they will not need as much assembly). Since they are a Hong Kong-based compan
  4. True. I was a RRT backer. I also realized that it's different to back a crowdfunding project and to preorder a product, so I was patient for a long time. Now it's pretty clear, though, what an incompetent company PB is. I don't hold any loyalty to any company, I just like Robotech. The main difference here, though, is that there are not any crowdfunding for these new products. You can thus wait for reviews so that you don't buy a pig in a poke and still don't miss out. Like almost any other product. That's of course subjective. We have a different RPG tradition in my country, so t
  5. I'm not sure how PB could be considered experts in RPG making. They made one game system in the '90s and have milked that format since. I personally consider their system utterly outdated and unplayable. I only used their books as tech manuals, and even for that they were inadequate. They are also clearly not experts in wargame making - in that case they would have been able to actually make a complete wargame.
  6. This game is not crowdfunded. SolarFlare is just using pledge manager for preorders. The game is currently in active production.
  7. Yeah, I know, I was a backer. And yeah, they don't have anything to do with Palladium (thankfully). SMG's game will actually be modern and playable. And I've only heard good things about Savage Worlds (but I don't really know any details). Well, the board games are and have always been on a seperate license. So they are unrelated. SMG's first game was announced on SDCC 2017 (or earlier), meaning at least in July 2017. Palladium announced the loss of their license on February 28, 2018, and it took affect some time in April or May. Of course, HG probably knew that they would need to find
  8. I should post here as well: The 1-on-1 strategic card game Robotech: Crisis Point, based on Robotech: The Masters Saga, is now up for preorder. You either play as the Army of the Southern Cross or the Robotech Masters and fight over different locations from the show with a plethora of different mecha and characters. Fans (like me) have been heavily involved in the creation of the game, so it's really by the fans, for the fans. When preordering directly from SolarFlare Games, you also get some bonus stuff: a preorder-exclusive standard poker card deck with Robotech illustrations, a mi
  9. I'm not involved in the Savage World version, so I cannot speak for that, but no, the McKinney novels are not the primary source for SMG's RPG. But they are liberal and are cherry-picking stuff from different sources (including older ones) and tries new spins on some things. This RPG is primarily meant to be fun to play. It doesn't set out to be the super-detailed tech manuals that the Palladium 2E tried to be and many things established in that RPG will be changed (but then again, it never was canon to begin with). I can assure you though that there won't be any thinking caps, Shapings or cha
  10. As far as I know, no one has posted a thread (or in any other thread that I’ve seen) on the recent surge of Robotech tabletop games. I’m sure there are people here that would be interested though, so let me start this combined thread. People with Robotech and HG phobia may look elsewhere. Five different companies have recently released or are planning to release Robotech board games, RPGs or wargames based on Robotech. That’s a lot! SolarFlare Games First out was SolarFlare Games which released their 1-on-1 strategic card game Robotech: Force of Arms last summer.
  11. I got a reply on my PM to MAAS Toys. HG hasn't approved their Kickstarter plan and MAAS are waiting for more information from HG. I think they want to wait with going public with information until they know something for certain.
  12. I want to remind people that Meptoys is a new independant one-man-show AND these small action figures are clearly meant to be retro style. They are not meant to be of the same quality as KitzConcept's offerings. With that in mind, I think they are way better than Toynami's recent retro-style action figures. And Meptoys are actually doing The Masters Saga stuff, which Toynami has never even thought to do. By the way, I got a reply to my PM to MAAS Toys on Facebook. HG has indeed not approved their Kickstarter plan and MAAS are waiting for more information from HG. The line is clearly not a
  13. No, no one would have conclusive evidence of that, it's just speculation. Since the main income source of Yamato (and Arcadia) is likely from selling those creepy dolls, the reason Yamato folded could just as well have been due to fluctuations in the doll sales. They way Yamato transitioned into Arcadia was a bit strange as well. I've heard people speculate it was some kind of elaborate tax evasion or something like that. But yeah, no one really knows and we shouldn't take speculations as facts.
  14. Lorindor

    Hi-Metal R

    The VF-4 actually has two very different battroid modes and transformations. The more common modern version has a slight anachronistic feel since it was probably finished long after the fighter mode was designed. You can read a short history here: http://www.collectiondx.com/blog/vf5ss/brief_history_vf4039s_design (It could also be noted that the VF-X-4 experimental fighter received another transformation in Robotech (there renamed YF-4). All in all, the VF-4 family of designs has one of the most interesting real-world design histories in my opinion.)
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