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  1. I too received crushed items, i purchased 2 of them. ONe of them severe. Case wont slide off without causing a tear in opposite corner.Looks to be shipping related, thin box crushed.
  2. DUDES!!! I'm flling in love again..it has video gervalk legs !!?? The way everything is synchronized is sooo RAD!!!Video and lights and sounds all synched up...WOW..!! This gives me the same Good Sh*Ty feeling I get when I see high end resin kits, one of prototypes/concept cars and smokin hot news anchors...Unobtainium.(.what was that # on the periodic chart?? )
  3. Is that the ol' skool HCM. looks cool , the red really pops.
  4. Are these the ones that he had displayed @ Con couple years back ? The hair on the Min. lookslike a PITA!! I'd be terrified to break it.. PHAP ATTACK!!!
  5. I can dig it...the nose is funny...I wanna see profile, thats what does it for me ....
  6. Feel sick thinking this won't happen... I was about to offer up my Dr. office/sleep lab..but we got our 50+" HDTV stolen along with some computers just a couple weeks ago, so no vids/games... We in Newport Beach on bay , PCH ..Big patio with ocean view...two large empty rooms about 20'x 15' and 2 bedrooms that can be made empty fast. Location may still be used if we can get someone to coordinate..I'm just too busy.. What happen to our UCLA connects??
  7. Thats like 22 year old Britai....valk smashing Britai had to be a least 45?? His body is like Gov. Arni..
  8. Looks to be the start of rifled barrels?????hope....wish??
  9. And he didn't allow it to be viewed @ Con ...shame...... Killer work...very nice..
  10. I was always into Sd thing and those look awesome...
  11. Trippin on the new board/skin...

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