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  1. Misa, Gurrrlllll!! Do It! Her little secret! I think she ought to live a little. A girl should empower herself with sexy lingerie.
  2. Gubaba, sankyuu!!! I found them on amazon.jp but I guess I can't order them unless I get Japanese assistance too. ::sigh:: You think after 25 years someone would have already posted a translation of them somewhere already. What I wouldn't give for an official English release. I don't suppose the Macross Powers That Be would ever acknowledge & gift the English-speaking fanbase that way. Keep on Keepin' On, and thank you for all your hard work.
  3. Hi Gubaba, congrats on your score!! But inquiring minds like mine wanna know, please--where did you find the novels, and how do you buy them? Links would be very helpful. Confused--these are prose, not manga? Thanks. I used to have a lot of Macross books and I remember Dreaming Prelude & White Reminisences. But I don't ever recall encountering any novels during my book collecting days. What do they look like? Guess it's because I can't read Japanese? *shrug*
  4. I'm currently rewatching via the ADV dvd set. But thanks to you guys' critical input, I'm ditching that set as soon as my Animeigo set arrives (should be tomorrow). It is soooo GOOD to watch the show again after all these years, and ESPECIALLY the way it was meant to be seen (and heard). No whiny-ass Reba but Mari I. all the way!! Plus the script/dialog and storyline is much more mature than the Robotech "original." the only "downside" to the show is the unevenness of the animation (which makes me appreciate DYRL even more than I always have). The songs are sooo insanely catchy. Until now, I've never watched the show from dvd. I still have my VHS tapes from wayyy back in the day when I taped Robotech-Macross off TV, but haven't watched them in years. Geez I'm feeling my age here, but I *heart* the Macross story and characters now as much as I ever did back in the 80's. The "Macross F" trailers up on YouTube really rock.
  5. Another Googler. I'm not a "new" Macross fan but am another Old-Schooler via Robotech. Always liked/loved Macross best of that bunch. I've also watched Plus and II but keep coming back again and again to the original (SDF1 & DYRL). Maybe I should change my name to Macross_forever.
  6. I'm not sure where a request of this nature goes, so please forgive my gaffe. Can anyone here kindly point me in the direction of a trusty, quality source for a download? PMs are ideal. Thanks in advance. (I am intending to buy it properly but I just plunked down Xmas loot for "Macross the Complete" and the Animeigo Macross box set. As soon as I receive the latter (most likely this Friday), my used set of ADV Macross Saga dub dvds are on sale. Please PM me if you're interested & make offer. I knew I should've read the threads before making that purchase *knocks head lightly*. Got the 7 dvd-set from Japan Video in J-town, San Francisco for $50, "no scratches". They're selling off their rental collection as they will discontinue that service this January. p.s. shoutouts to all MW folks who made my book sale a success. Hope you all had a Macross Christmas
  7. Damn. This trailer looks awesome. Makes me sooo nolstalgic for the original show. Is the new singer, Sheryl, the same as the Misa-style bridge bunny crew person? They're both blonde, so I'm confused. I don't really care for the new lead guy's bishonen hair either, but I bet he'll have it cut shorter/modified if he's gonna be a serious cockpit jockey.
  8. sorry to be predictable, but IMHO it's a no-brainer: Maxsu is Ichiban!! (and Millia is a very close second in my book).
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